A look at the Instantbird Beta

So, I’m trying two new things with this post. The first is writing it as I’m looking into this application, and the second is actually using the application. It’s Instantbird, a cross-platform instant messenger built on Pidgin and Mozilla. It should be noted that this is far away from a stable release.

Click on Try Instantbird Now! and download the latest one for your OS. I’m using Windows, and it downloaded as a .zip. Just extract the Instantbird folder from it to somewhere. Go into the Instantbird folder and double click Instantbird.exe. An account wizard window should pop up, it’s pretty simple, which is nice. You shouldn’t have any problems following it, at least not until this part.

I just clicked next and it worked. I’m just using the MSN Protocol, so hopefully other protocols are as simple as the MSN one.

Well… What else is there to say about Instantbird? There really isn’t much to it. It’s probably the most basic Instant Messenger I have ever used. But it uses around the same amount system resources as Pidgin, which offers more features. What can you do with Instantbird as of now? You can IM. And that’s about it. I suppose if you want a really simplistic messenger, this would be great for you. Otherwise, I would recommend Pidgin as a good, stable, cross platform Instant Messenger, Digsby as a great ‘in progress’ Messenger, and Miranda as a great light weight messenger.

Instantbird isn’t bad, it’s just very simplistic. At least at the moment. If simplicity is what you’re looking for, have a look at some of the screen shots below. Special guest appearance from my good friend Daniel, who logged off before I got a screenshot of him online in Instantbird’s Buddy List window, and mention of his (friendly) rival, Eric. Also Liby.