How to take screenshots of your BlackBerry screen

This tutorial will guide you through the steps required to take screenshots of your BlackBerry screens.

  1. Start out by downloading Caputre It from It’s an over the air installation, so I’ve created a “shorter” URL to type out in your BlackBerry browser:
  2. Install it as you would any other BlackBerry app.
  3. Once installed, it will appear in your list of BlackBerry Applications. Don’t click it quite yet – otherwise you’ll be taking a screenshot of your Application list. The first thing to do is assign it a Convenience Key.
  4. blackberry applications list with captureit highlighted

  5. Instead, select Options from your Application list.
  6. options item in the blackberry application screen

  7. Select Screen/Keyboard from the list of Options
  8. options list for the blackberry

  9. Scroll down a bit until you get to the Convenience Key section. I prefer to use the Voice Dialing Convenience Key to take screenshots, because I never use the Voice Dialing feature. You can of course select a different Convenience Key. Click on the key you want to change
  10. screen/keyboard options for the blackberry

  11. Select Capture It from the list of applications
  12. capture it in the list of applications to assign to a convenience key

  13. You should now have Capture It as the application assigned to your selected Convenience Key
  14. capture it assigned as a convenience key

  15. Exit out of the Options, and when prompted, make sure to select Save.
  16. saving changes to the blackberry options

  17. Now each time you click your assigned Convenience Key, Capture It will take a screenshot of whatever is displayed on your BlackBerry screen.

  • jp

    Thanks for highlighting this neat piece of software.

    CaptureIt put a menu item into your BlackBerry menu as well. Using that will get a screen shot, without the menu in it. May not work in some third party programs, though.


  • mh

    I installed this and when I launch the application, I get an error. The error is “Error starting CaptureIt: Symbol ‘JPEGEncodedImage.encode’ not found.” I am using an 8830.

  • dougp

    The reason you get that error is because jpegencodedimage.encode really is not found. If you have the 8830, most likely you also have the OS version The next upgrade should do it for you. If your BB is setup as an enterprise device you may have to request the upgrade from your I.T. Department.

  • Santiago Merlos

    Exceltente articulo, estaba de viaje y necesitaba enviar un screenshot de mi ubicacion por correo (tengo un blackberry bold, estoy en venezuela y uso google maps) y con este articulo no tuve problemas! Muchisimas gracias!

  • Iso

    welches BlackBerry hast du und welches Theme ist das?

  • Cool
    Soo… what do you do to retrieve the screencap?

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  • kevin

    I used the “capture it” program and all I got was a white screen. No picture was visible in the media section.

  • kyra

    Thanks for the information – was able to install Capture It easily – and now have the screenshots needed.

  • Ryan

    I as well with kevin cannot take screenshots, I “capture it” and all i get in the media section is a white screen… Any help?

  • Graham Stewart

    I’ve just installed Capture it on my Bold 9700. Like Kevin and Ryan I also get a white screen. Advice appreciated.

  • Mondy

    I finally figured out how to use CaptureIt!!!!! Well… Actually took me an hour searching for an answer on how to fix that white screen when you use CaptureIt. Go to this link . On your phone, go to Options, then click on Applications, then look for the CaptureIt icon, click menu, Edit permission. :)

  • Cakes

    Thanks, Monday!! This was so helpful! I could now take screenshots!! :)

  • blackberry mommy

    i’m really sad all i got was a white screen too!! :(

  • blackberry mommy

    irritating, i cant find the permissions thing to allow it, whatever pops up when i push the convenience key says allow, i allow it… but nothing changes!! i still get while screens!!

  • abee

    how do i view the image i just captured ?

  • abee

    im just seeing a white screen -_-

  • Chris

    Excellent… If you see white images just go to options, applications and “allow” for everything!!!

  • Bhuvana

    real gud tool thks

  • Simone Valente

    Muito bom, já fiz até o download

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  • looooooool

    Cakes, their name is mondy, not monday! :) Sorry, that made me laugh so much.. :L

  • Twig

    This makes me all the more happy to have an iPhone 4

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