Download or Rip Music from Facebook Profiles to MP3 Files

This brief tutorial will show you how to download music embedded in Facebook profiles and save them as MP3s.

  1. First and most importantly, you’ll need to use the web browser Firefox. Then download and install the Firefox Addon DownloadHelper. As with all Firefox Addons, you’ll need to restart Firefox for the DownloadHelper installation to complete. Once the installation is complete, and Firefox has restarted, you should notice a new DownloadHelper icon in your Navigation Toolbar (note: the icon may be slightly different looking depending on your version of Firefox)
  2. downloadhelper icon

  3. Now visit the Facebook page with the song you’d like to download as an MP3. Click the Play button.
  4. facebook music

  5. After the song has streamed for a a few seconds, you’ll notice the DownloadHelper icon has gone from “grey” to colored, and a small arrow will appear next to it.
  6. download helper gray   downloadhelper colored

  7. Click on the small arrow next to the DownloadHelper icon, and (usually) you’ll see a long and random file name. Click that file / link.
  8. facebook music download via downloadhelper

  9. In the Save As dialog box, rename the file to something more recognizable. Then save the file.
  10. facebook music download save as box
    click to enlarge

  11. That’s it! Just repeat the above steps for each song you want to download.

46 thoughts on “Download or Rip Music from Facebook Profiles to MP3 Files”

  1. Bonjours j’arrive a télécharger les fichier mais impossible de les lire même si j’enregistre sous ” nomdufichier.mp3 “. Pouvez vous m’aider svp . Merci d’avance.

  2. so i’ve windows xp and it worked.there’s still a slight problem tough.i can’t convert the files into mp3 or anything.they wont play in an ipod or whatsoever.could you give me some ideas?a converter like.i’ve tried some but they haven’t worked out so says the file type isn’t recognizable.please help if you know anything about this

  3. Works PERFECT. Thanks for the guide. Finally… an unreleased album is now in my possession!

    As “hillage” mentioned… make sure you add the .mp3 file extension as it’s not added by default.

  4. For me it doesn’t work. Another ‘new’ version of facebook? Can anybody tell wether or not the downloadhelper is still able to find the audio files used in facebook pages?

  5. I found it still worked. Just make sure you push the play button on the song to “load” it up. The downloadhelper will find it.

  6. This is great and all – but please – don’t rip off “indie” bands… we work hard and spend a lot of time and money making CDs and make very little money compared to big national artists. Not that it’s OK to rip off “mainstream” artists… after all – stealing is stealing – but at least when you download stuff from the likes of Katy Perry, Usher, or whoever, you are actually doing more damage to the record labels themselves than to the artists. With Indie bands it really does hurt us a lot more. Thanks for reading. :)

    1. Scott – won’t argue with you at all on that one. With that said, getting your music out there as much as possible, as an indie band, should be the initial goal, correct? So giving away a song rather than just allowing it to stream, probably isn’t going to cost you too much. Especially if you have a “buy our album now” link very prominently on the page.

  7. THNXXXXXX a lot !!! works PERFECTLY!! and btw Scott the only music i would use this for is Afrikaans music which isn’t readily available on CD. and i agree with Ross, promoting new music should be top priority, onky then when the music is on very high demand should you charge people for it.

  8. It amuses me that the example used here is a Shirley Manson song, and the reason I looked this up was to download her new song, lol!

  9. Hey I just used this but It’s not in an MP3 file format. When I check the file type it just says “file” with the icon as a blank sheet. Anyone know how to fix this??

  10. For everyone having problems with this, i had to and i found what te problem was! Once you’ve downloaded the song (make sure its .mp3) and you try to load it into your Itunes, Itunes seems to change the name. With me it changed to Track1, Unknown Artist, so check your latest added tracks!

  11. okay so when i renamed the file i put “Lemonade- Ali Tomineek.mp3” and then when it downloaded it just goes to “Lemonade- Ali Tomineek.mp3.ocx” like i tried even deleting the .ocx part and it still pops up once its downloaded. anyone know whats wrong?

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  13. Thank you very much…………………………… Its very very much usefull……………….Thanx once again…………

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