5 Great Web Comics

This is a list of five of my favorite webcomics. They were chosen because they update regularly, have great art, and have a good story to go with it all. I also tried to stay away from the well known comics (like Questionable Content). They are listed in alphabetical order, not by how much I like them :)

Flipside is a comic that follows a free spirited jester girl named Maytag and her lover Bernadette, a swordswoman. “It’s a romantic fantasy adventure with a lot of action, and a small dose of horror.” says the site. It’s aimed at the more mature crowd and updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

FreakAngels is a mature comic about some psychic friends in a post apocalyptic steam punk world. If this doesn’t sound completely awesome to you already, you should still check it out. The art is great and it updates every Friday, but that Friday always brings six new pages!

Gunnerkrigg Court is a strange comic. It’s about a girl going to school in a world where technology and nature live separated. It reminds me a lot of Harry Potter, but with less wizardry and more technology. It updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and has a very nice art style.

Punch an’ Pie is a comic I just learned about a few weeks ago. It’s follows a bisexual woman named Angela living her life. It’s really funny, the art isn’t bad, and the story keeps you reading. There’s lots of drama in this one and it is probably aimed at those of us trying to live life after college. I think it updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but I haven’t seen any promises to keep this on the site. Tho only problem I have with this comic is that I can’t find an RSS feed for it…

The Zombie Hunters is a comic that is exactly what you would expect from the title. Who doesn’t like zombies and great art? The site warns that it is ‘Rated R’ and says that it is ‘Updated every Monday and the occasional Thursday.’ It is probably the least often updated in this list, but it’s the only web comic I know of with a zombie theme.

4 thoughts on “5 Great Web Comics”

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  2. I gotta tell you, I found Questionable Content only a week ago and immediately fell in love with his terrific wit and dialogue. I spent most of the next two days reading the entire opus and repeatedly either laughed aloud or just giggled myself silly. The nice thing about reading through a new discovery like that is noting how the style (artistic and otherwise) changes.

    The bad thing is that, when you’re caught up, the agonizing wait for the next comic — even on a strip updated 5 days a week — is nigh overwhelming.

    Thanks for this, I’ll check out these other guys once I’ve caught up on my lost sleep.

  3. Damn you!!!
    Come across here looking at webcam motion detecting stuff and end up spending hours reading Flipside :(

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