How to take panoramic photographs with your iPhone

Pano is a fantastic iPhone application for taking panoramic photographs. It’s from the folks at Debacle Software. From the looks of it it’s a very simple application with just two buttons, but don’t be fooled by that. It is very useful and great fun to use.

pano iphone app

One of the things I like most about Pano is how far the developers have taken the idea of simplicity. There are no fancy buttons to do just about everything you want to do. The application seems to have been designed to be simple to use, and so it ships with only two buttons. I think it’s smart design.

When you launch Pano on your iPhone, it asks you to take a few pictures. You need to take six pictures for Pano to be able to stitch them into a single panoramic photograph like the one you can see below. Once it has stitched the photographs it drops it into your iPhone’s photo album. During the process of clicking the six pictures if you want to retake a particular photograph you can do so. The result is something like the image below.

panoramic photo from an iphone
click to enlarge

As you can see the result is quite spectacular, and even more so considering it was taken using a cellphone. There’s a handy FAQ if you have any questions about Pano.

You can find panoramic photographs taken by people using Pano which they have uploaded to share on this Flickr group. Pano 2.0 costs just $2.99 and will run on any iPhone with the 2.2 or better firmware. And if you are even a little interested in photography I would definitely suggest you give Pano a shot.

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