How to remove the DiggBar from sites visited via digg

If you’re as unimpressed with the new DiggBar as I am, this brief tutorial will show you how to make sure it never appears on a site you visit via digg again.

There are a couple of ways of going about making sure you’ll never see the DiggBar again.

If you’re always signed into digg, it’s as simple as changing one of your preferences. From select My Profile -> Settings -> Viewing Preferences (if you’re signed into digg right now, just use this link). In the Site-wide Preferences section, select Never show DiggBar for external links from the Show DiggBar? drop-down menu.

disable the diggbar from your digg preferences page

If you’re not always signed into digg while you’re using it (I rarely am) – install the Remove Digg Bar Greasemonkey script (you’ll need to have the Greasemonkey Firefox Add-On installed in order to use that script). If you use Safari (OS X version) as your browser, this tutorial will guide you through installing Greasemonkey scripts in Safari.

disable the diggbar using greasemonkey

Finally, if you run a site based on WordPress and want to make sure that no one from digg will see the DiggBar when they visit your site from a link on digg, install the DiggBar Remover WordPress plugin.

Final Note: some people love the new DiggBar. That’s great. It’s all about personal preference. I just happen to be in the “nope, don’t like it” crowd.

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1 thought on “How to remove the DiggBar from sites visited via digg”

  1. Thanks for the link to DiggBar Remover.

    You don’t need Greasemonkey scripts when you’re logged out of Digg anymore – DiggBar is shown only to logged in users.

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