How to convert videos to play on your PSP

This tutorial will guide you through the steps to convert video files – movies, TV shows etc, to play on your PlayStation Portable.

  1. First things first, head over to the download page for PSP Video 9 and download and install the Windows version. The installation is very straight forward – you’ll mostly click “Next” a bunch of times. Once the installation has completed, launch PSP Video 9. You should be greeted with an Initial Setup page. If you’re not, close PSP Video 9 and launch it again (I had to open it twice to get the Initial Setup). On that page, select your PSP model from the drop-down list.

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  3. Then click the orange Next button.

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  5. If you want to use PSP Video 9 to transfer the resulting video file to your PSP after it has been converted, plug in your PSP now using a USB cable. After it’s plugged in, click the orange Next button.

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  7. It should find your PSP, and at this point your setup is complete. Again, click the orange Next button.

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  9. Now you’ll be at the Home section of PSP Video 9.

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  11. Select the Convert tab from the very top menu, and then the Video File tab directly below it.

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  13. On the Video File window, click the large Normal Mode button.

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  15. From the bottom right corner of the screen, click the Select File button.

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  17. Navigate to the video file you want to convert for your PSP, select it, and click Open.

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  19. The default “Save” location for your converted file is in the My Documents -> Red Kawa -> Videos folder. I left this as the folder, but if you want to change it, click the Browse button and select another folder to save your converted video in. When you’re ready, click the orange Next button.

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  21. Give your video a name/title by entering it in the Title field at the bottom of the screen. Once again, click the orange Next button.

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  23. Now you select all of your video (and audio) settings. I opted for the New Video Format, Widescreen as the Video Size, High as the Video Quality, turned Enhanced Quality On, and set the Audio Quality to High. These are all personal preferences, so set them as you wish. You may also want to experiment with them to see what best works for you and your PSP. When you’re happy with your settings, click the orange Next button.

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  25. Finally, it’s time to convert the video. Click the Start Converting button from the bottom-right corner of the window.

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  27. To watch the progress, click the View Conversion Progress link.

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  29. From here you can monitor the conversion progress and see how long the complete conversion will take in the Time Remaining: area.
  30. Once the conversion has completed, click the Library tab from the very top menu-bar. You’ll see your newly converted file in the PC Files table. To copy that file to your PSP, click the Copy to Device button in the bottom right corner.

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  32. PSP Video 9 will now copy the video file to the appropriate location on your PSP – and a thumbnail for that video.
  33. Once the copying has completed, you’ll see that video listed in the Device Files table.

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  35. At this point you can eject your PSP (by using the Safely Remove Hardware system tray icon). Go to the Video section of your PSP, and your new video file will be listed. Watch it, and confirm the quality (both audio and video) is good enough for you. If it’s not, repeat the process but bump up the quality settings. Otherwise, enjoy your video!!

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