How to restore all your IE Bookmark Favicons at once

This brief tutorial will show you how to quickly restore all the favicons (the small images next to the bookmark name that can help you quickly identify the site) in your IE Favorites.

  1. When viewing your IE Favorites, there should be an icon next to each entry.
  2. However, because of the way IE stores these icons, they can disappear over time (as your cache clears).
  3. Rather than re-visit every site to restore the icon (which can take an incredibly long time) – download and run FavIconizer. FavIconizer doesn’t need to be installed – just download the .exe and run it. If you have a lot of Favorites missing their icons, click the Rescan all links button. If you have relatively few Favorites missing icons, click the Find missing FavIcons button.
  4. FavIconizer will scan all of the links in your Favorites, and re-download any missing icons.
  5. Once again, all of your Favorites will have their icons back.
  6. That’s it!

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6 thoughts on “How to restore all your IE Bookmark Favicons at once”

  1. as usual with these oxymorons (emphasis on moron) calld ‘help’ links – waste of time – scanned ALL favorites and ALL the ones missing are …. no surprise – still missing – except of course for the entirely pointless option of restoring a favorites folder INSIDE of the list of favorites (ps – when i ‘scanned’ the missing favorites’ favicons – the only ones that seemed to be scanned were the ones that already existed – nice example of technology … somewhere, i guess)

  2. I still have no book icon with book marks this is the second time this has happened in four days I restored once but; I do not know how I did it.Where is the pencil button located?

  3. for Firefox you can download CheckPlaces, which will restore all your missing flavicons and do a lot more than that. I actually got to this page looking for a CheckPlaces Version for IE.

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