How to use a command line version of Google

Google has some amazing services to offer such as search and translation. Goosh is a web based service that brings you the power of Google in a command line interface in your web browser. Goosh stands for Google Shell. Note: Goosh is NOT an official google product!

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Don’t be deceived by how simple this web application looks. At the command prompt enter search like in the example above, and watch Goosh run a search and return web sites just like Google usually does. You can also run more specific searches if you like.

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If you want to run an image search for boats you can run the command images boats. Or if you want to run a search for boats in Wikipedia, use the command wiki boats. Goosh smartly returns results to all these queries right in the command line interface.

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What’s more is that Goosh allows you to log into your GMail account right from the command line also. Enter the word login followed by the Return key, and voila, the GMail login screen will appear.

So, have fun exploring and using Goosh. I find that once I get used to it, it seems to make web searching quite efficient, and a lot of fun.

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