How to quickly enable or disable Wi-Fi on your Android device

This brief tutorial will show you how to quickly turn wifi on or off on your Android phone/device.

If you’ve ever enabled wifi on your Android based phone, you know that you have to navigate through a bunch of screens just to get to the location to turn it on. Using Toggle WiFi, enabling and disabling wifi can be done with just one tap.

  1. Start out by selecting the Android Market

  2. Select Search.
  3. Enter in the phrase toggle wifi and tap the search button.
  4. Select the Wifi Toggle Widget by Rounded Labs. It should be the first search result, but if it’s not, scroll down to find that specific widget.
  5. Tap the Install button.
  6. After reviewing the access permissions, tap the OK button.
  7. Once it’s installed, add it to your home screen. If you need help, see this tutorial on adding widgets to your Android home screen.
  8. Assuming you have wifi currently disabled on your Android phone, the icon will appear as it does in the screenshot below.
  9. Tap the Toggle Wifi Widget to turn wifi on. The icon changes to reflect its status, and you’ll see the wifi indicator in the top menu bar.
  10. When you want to turn wifi off, just tap the widget again. That’s it!