How to set selective (not all) tweets as your Facebook Status

This brief tutorial will show you how to set selective, specific tweets to also show up as your Facebook Status.

You probably have a friend or two on Facebook who insists on sending every twitter message (tweet) they write to also update their Facebook status. This can get a little.. annoying.. if you follow them on both Twitter and Facebook. This tutorial will show you how you can set specific tweets as your Facebook Status, and the rest of them are only displayed on Twitter.

  1. To begin, sign into your Facebook account and visit the Selective Twitter app. Enter your twitter user name in the space provided, and click the Save button.

    selective tweets to facebook

  2. You’ll then be asked to allow access to certain parts of your Facebook profile. Click Allow.
  3. allow facebook app

  4. Now select the Settings tab of the Selective Twitter app. Place a check in the box labeled Allow the #fb tag anywhere in the tweet? and click on the Save Changes button.
  5. selective twitter to facebook settings

  6. At this point you’ll be prompted to grant Selective Tweets to allow posting access without prompting you before it does. This is fine – the only time it will make any updates to your Facebook status is when you tell it to. Click the Allow Publishing button.
  7. allow selective tweets facebook app

  8. Now sign in to your Twitter account. It doesn’t matter if you’re using the web-based version of Twitter, a mobile Twitter client or a desktop app. The only important thing is to add the tag #fb to your tweet. Once you do that, you’ll be telling Selective Twitter that the tweet you just sent – the one with #fb in it – to also update your Facebook Status with that message. If you do not include the tag #fb in your tweets, your Facebook Status will not update (but your tweet will be sent out normally).
  9. twitter update to facebook

  10. In the above screenshot, you’ll see that I sent out a tweet that included the #fb tag in it. And in the screenshot below, you’ll see that because I included the #fb tag, it also updated my Facebook Status.
  11. facebook status from twitter

  12. That’s it! Just remember to use #fb in your tweets, and they’ll update your Facebook status. If you want to be notified about tutorials like this one, via Twitter, you can follow me on Twitter. Warning: I also blather on about boring and irrelevant things on twitter. You’ve been warned.

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