How to view hidden files with Cyberduck

Cyberduck, an FTP client for OS X that we have previously covered, doesn’t show hidden files by default. This very brief tutorial will show you how to view them.

  1. Launch Cyberduck and connect to one of your FTP sites. As illustrated in the example image below, there are two files on my server – contacts.txt and updates.txt.
  2. However, if you select View from the Cyberduck menu, and then Show Hidden Files from the drop-down list..
  3. any hidden files will be revealed. Hidden files are typically ones that start with a period (.) Often they’re configuration files for various applications and services, so do be careful when deleting or moving them. In the example screenshot below, a file named .htaccess was revealed. This is a file used by my web server that I had backed up into a separate folder.
  4. That’s it! You can now view (and therefor download, edit etc) hidden files in Cyberduck.

9 thoughts on “How to view hidden files with Cyberduck”

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  2. thank you! this tip just saved me hours. i thought i had lost all my email after doing a migration, as the webmail wasn’t accessible.

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  5. I cannot see the .htaccess file when I want to upload it with cyberduck. I see it on my pc, but not in the cyberduck window for uploading the file.

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