How to dual-boot Jolicloud and Windows on your Netbook

This tutorial will guide you through the steps required to install Jolicloud – a Linux based operating system made specifically for Netbooks – along with Windows.

Jolicloud is an Operating System that has been created specifically for Netbooks. It’s fast, free, and comes with a great variety of free software. For an overview of the Jolicloud Operating System and its features, see this list.

Another great thing about Jolicloud is that it supports a huge variety of Netbooks – all of which are listed here. You don’t have to manually install drivers and troubleshoot your wifi – Jolicloud takes care of it all.

Finally – Jolicloud can be run on your Netbook without having to remove or alter your current Windows installation at all. When your Netbook starts up, you’ll be presented with a choice – either load Jolicloud, or Windows. All of the files and programs you’ve already installed in Windows will remain intact.

So now that you’ve decided to give it a shot – here’s how to do it.

  1. Start out by heading over to the Jolicloud download page. Make sure Jolicloud Express is selected and click the Download button.

    Jolicloud comes packaged in a large file – just over 700MB. Depending on the speed of your Internet connection, you may want to go make yourself a cup of coffee or do some chores.

  2. Once the download has completed, locate the Jolicloud file and double-click it.
  3. Click the Run button if prompted.
  4. Jolicloud will now start to extract, which can take a minute or two.
  5. Once the initial installation screen appears, click the Get started button.

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  7. Here you’ll need to create a Username, Password and Computer Nickname. Click Next after you’ve filled out each screen. And don’t forget your username and password!

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  9. Now you’ll be presented with the setup configuration screen. While the default values are usually pretty good, you may want to adjust them slightly to best suit your needs. Click the Change button (you’ll be able to see what your options are, but you don’t have to change anything).

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  11. Since your Netbook will be running both Windows and Jolicloud, you have to decide how much hard drive space you want to allocate to Jolicloud. In my specific case (see the screenshot below) – Jolicloud suggested I use 13GB. You can also change the default installation drive if you’d like – but this isn’t something I would recommend unless you know exactly what you’re doing. Remember – installing Jolicloud will not affect your Windows installation or files you already have on your Netbook. You can also change the default language from English if you wish. When you’re done (if you’ve made changes or not) – click the Save button.

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  13. Back at the setup configuration screen, click the Next button.

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  15. At this point you may want to go grab that second cup of coffee. Jolicloud will begin to prepare for its installation, and again, this can take a while.

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  17. Once the process has completed, click the large Restart now button (make sure to save any open documents etc first).

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  19. Windows will power off….
  20. and when your Netbook restarts, you’ll be presented with two options. Microsoft Windows or Jolicloud. Use the down-arrow key on your keyboard to select Jolicloud and then hit enter.

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  22. Jolicloud will start up for the first time.

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  24. Then it will install itself. Yet again, this process can take a while.

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  26. After the installation your Netbook may need to be restarted. Make sure to select Jolicloud when your Netbook restarts. This time, Jolicloud will load up.
  27. Enter the user name you created back in step #6
  28. Now enter the password you created back in step #6.
  29. You’re now using Jolicloud! All of your hardware should work right away – your sound, Wi-Fi and Networking, etc.

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  31. Check back again soon and I’ll have some Jolicloud “getting started” tutorials!

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  1. How do I get rid of Jolicloud and get my Windows 7 back. The GRUB bootloader will not let Windows 7 start – neither by USB stick or by DVD. I need some big time help to get this off my computer and get rid of it.

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  3. Please forgive my ignorance, but what exactly is the benefit of putting linux on a netbook? Apart from hardcore computer fans who enjoys multiple operating systems for the sake of multiple operating systems is there any real benefit for the average netbook user?

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