How to Enable Extensions in Safari 5

One of the great new features in Safari 5, for both Windows and Mac, are Extensions. These are similar to the “Add-On’s” that Firefox has had for years – they allow you to alter the behavior of Safari to better suit your needs. This brief tutorial will show you how to enable Extensions in Safari, so that you can install and use them.

While the instructions and screenshots below are specific to Mac users, the process is very similar for Windows users.

  1. Start out by opening Safari and then selecting Safari -> Preferences… from the menu bar.
  2. Select the Advanced tab. Place a check in the box labeled Show Develop menu in the menu bar.

  3. click to enlarge

  4. Depending on the exact version of Safari you have, you may need to restart it now. If you don’t see a Develop entry in the menu bar, restart Safari. Once you do, select Develop and then Enable Extensions.
  5. Now when you download and double-click (to install) a Safari Extension (a .safariextz file) – you’ll be prompted to install it.
  6. That’s it – now you can install all the Safari Extensions you want!

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