How to Synchronize Google Apps with Microsoft Office

Ever thought of Microsoft and Google working together? Well it hasn’t come to that yet, but you can get Microsoft Office to work together with Google Apps, thanks to OffiSync.

OffiSync allows you to open, update and synchronize your Google Docs within Microsoft Office. It also provides the ability to search Google from the Office interface and insert images into your Office documents from Google Images. OffiSync is a free download and works with most recent releases of MS Office – 2003, 2007, and 2010.


OffiSync works as a plugin for MS Office. The makers of this fine plugin distribute it in two options. One is a free download. The other is a premium version which costs $12 per year or a $30 outright purchase. The paid version has features such as collaboration and the ability to save file a on Google Apps in MS Office formats. To get started with using it go to the download section of the OffiSync website and download the latest release of the plugin. The installation of OffiSync is quite straightforward. Just follow the instructions and you should have it installed in no time


NOTE: If you want to use Offisync with your custom domain on your Google Apps account, you will also need to install Offisync from the Google Apps Marketplace. It’s a quick process to install and activate it, only taking a few clicks of your mouse. After that, all users on your domain will have access to use it.

Once OffiSync is installed you should see a new toolbar appear in your MS Office applications. It will look something like in the screenshot below. The first time you use the Open button on the OffiSync toolbar, you’ll need to provide your Google Docs credentials. The setup process is an easy one as the OffiSync wizard takes you through the steps you need to complete.


Then you’ll need to sign in to your Google account. Enter your username and password when prompted.


A screenshot of OffiSync in action:


Using OffiSync

Now that you have Offisync installed and setup it’s time to see how to use to be increase your productivity. Essentially what Offisync allows you to do is to access documents from your Google Apps account and edit and save them, along with some other cool features such as collaboration with other users. The first thing you want to do when you launch it is to click on the Open button to view the files in your Google Docs account. Double click on a file to open it with MS Office.

Edit the file, work on it until you are ready to save it. To save it back to the Google Docs account all you need to do is to hit the standard keyboard combination for saving files, Control + S. Now close the MS Office application and launch your web browser. Go to your Google Docs account and voilà – the file you worked on in MS Office will have been updated with all of your changes.

Here’s a video on how to setup and use OffiSync:

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