How to search any site within the Chrome context menu

If you use Google Chrome, then you probably know that you can search for specific key terms in any article via the context menu (the right-click menu). But many people prefer to use search engines other than Google (e.g Yahoo, Bing). Recently, I came across an excellent extension, Context Menu Search, which adds multiple search engines and websites to the right click menu in Google Chrome.

  1. First up, download and install Context Menu Search
  2. Once the extension is installed, it will show you a confirmation message about the extension.
  3. In order to use the extension, you’ll have to configure first. To do so, go to Settings > Tools > Extensions.

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  5. Select Options in the Context Menu Search setting. .
  6. Now you’ll be presented with a list of websites including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and many others. Check the ones you want to include in the right click menu and click the Add Selected Options button.

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  8. You can even add custom websites as well. Enter a name for the site in the Display name field.
  9. The Link field requires a very specific URL. One thing you should note is that you cannot add the exact URL of the website. Search the website you want to add and copy the complete URL.

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  11. This is important – paste the URL you copied in the previous step in the Link field, and replace the searched keywords with TESTSEARCH. As you can see in the example below, I ran a search on Simple Help for “Microsoft PowerPoint”. In order for your custom Context Menu Search site to work, you need to remove the keywords (again, in this example “Microsoft PowerPoint”) and any extra characters, then add TESTSEARCH in their place.

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  13. Click the Add new option button.
  14. To use the extension, highlight the text you want to search, right click and go to Context Menu Search > [site name]. That will run a search for the currently highlighted words, on the [site name] you specified (eg. Simple Help, Yahoo, Bing etc).

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  16. That’s it – you’re done!

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