How to open rar files in OS X

This brief tutorial will show you how to open rar files (.rar) in OS X.

A rar file is somewhat similar to a .zip file – it’s an archive file format that supports data compression. Rar files typically contain other files, packages all together and compressed into one.

  1. To open a .rar file on your Mac, start out by downloading UnRarX. Open the UnrarX zip file, and drag the application to your Applications folder to install it.
  2. Navigate to the .rar file you want to open

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  4. Double-click the rar file. The first time you use UnRarX a pop-up window may appear asking if you want to allow UnRarX to automatically check for updates when it starts. Click Yes or No based on your needs.
  5. Again, you may be presented with an ‘intro’ message requesting that you donate to the UnRarX developer(s). This message will only appear once. For now, click on Not Right Now. If you decide later that UnRarX is something you use frequently, do consider donating to the developers by selecting Donate in the Help menu.
  6. Finally, UnRarX will open your .rar file and extract all of its contents. Depending on how many files are contained within the .rar file, how large they are and the speed of your Mac, this process can take anywhere from a second or two to a few minutes. You’ll know the process has completed when you see All OK at the end of the UnRarX window (see image below).

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  8. Back in Finder, a new folder will have been created containing all of the files that were contained inside the .rar file.

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  10. That’s it – you’re done! Just repeat the process each time you need to extract the contents of a .rar file on your Mac.

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    I like The Unarchiver — unzips just about ANYTHING.