How to use the iPad Camera Kit

This very brief overview will explain how to use the iPad Camera Kit to transfer pictures from your camera or the SD Card your camera uses.

The iPad Camera Connection Kit comes with two pieces – an adapter for an SD Card and a USB adapter, which most digital cameras use.

The two adapters accomplish the same thing, just in different ways. You can connect your camera directly to your iPad using the USB cable your camera came with, and the iPad USB adapter (as seen below). Just plug the USB cable into the iPad adapter, and then plug the iPad adapter into your iPad.

Alternately you can insert your SD Card into the iPad SD Card adapter (as illustrated below). Then you plug the iPad SD Card adapter into your iPad.

Once you’ve plugged either adapter in, your iPad will launch the Photos app. Each of the pictures on your camera/SD Card will load as a thumbnail. Tap the Import All button in the upper-right corner of the screen to copy the pictures from your camera/SD Card to your iPad.

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Once a “green check-mark” appears in the bottom right corner of an images thumbnail, that means the photo has been successfully imported. A ‘spinning status circle’ indicates the picture that the Photo app is currently importing.

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Once all of your photos have been imported, you’ll be asked if you wish to leave the photos on the camera/SD Card, or delete them. If you leave them on the camera/SD Card, you can later transfer them to your PC/Mac if you wish. If you delete them, they’ll be wiped from your camera/SD Card (and you’ll have more space to take more pictures).

If you opted to delete the pictures from your camera/SD Card, the Camera tab will display a message saying there are no photos to import.

That’s it! When you’re done transferring pictures from your camera or SD Card to your iPad, you can remove the adapter.

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  1. After I have arranged the imported photos into various albums, how can I delete the “last imported” and “camera roll” albums so I don’t have so many duplicate photos?

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