How to Improve your PC Performance for Gaming

Anyone who likes to play video games on their PC will know how much impact the Operating System and other processes can have on game performance. With a few tweaks on how background services are being run, you can get a much better gaming experience. This tutorial will guide you through using a free utility to optimize your PC for gaming performance.

Game Booster 2.0 is software designed to optimize and minimize the background processes of the operating system, thereby freeing up more PC resources for utilization in better gaming performance.

  1. After downloading Game Booster 2.0 (at time of writing, beta 3), open the installer and click Next.
  2. The first time you open Game Booster, you’ll be presented with a slick interface with several options to improve game performance. The main page features a slider for game optimization.
  3. When slid to the right, the software shows various system services that will be temporarily stopped in order to free up system resources.

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  5. After you optimize, the Gaming Mode indicator will signal as being ON and the program can now be minimized so you can start your game.
  6. Game Booster also features some other options which can significantly improve game performance. This includes driver advice – which notifies you of the latest drivers for your video, sound and network cards. Having the latest drivers can be critical in gaming performance.

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  8. Information and diagnostics reports on other gaming essentials such as DirectX version, Xfire, Team Speak clients is also available under the Game Essentials tab.

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  10. A great feature to rapidly improve game loading times is the Game Defrag option, which defragments game directories to allow for faster loading times.

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  12. Game Booster 2.0 also features a System Tweak feature which is essentially a one-click-optimization of system and internet connection performance.

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  14. The Game Tools section allows gamers to have an extra edge on how their gaming experience should be more fun filled. It holds many features such as keyboard and mice settings, power settings, controller settings etc.

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  16. Game Booster 2.0 is a great tool with a lot of options and different ways to optimize gaming performance. It serves as a complete tool to fulfill all your needs for gaming and with not only a lot of options but low memory usage as well. It’s a must have utility for all gamers out there.

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