How to Manage Your Android Wifi Connections

Wifi Manager is a great Android widget that allows you to easily enable and disable WiFi, find networks with the strongest signal, and much, much more. Best of all – it’s free!

  1. Start out by launching the Market on your Android device, and then run a search for the phrase wifi manager.
  2. Look for the result titled WiFi Manager by Kostya Vasilyev. Select it, and install the program as you would any other Android app.
  3. Once the installation has finished, navigate to the Home screen you want to put this widget on. The two sizes of the widget are 2×1 and 3×1, so make sure you have the space on the Home screen you’re going to use it on. Press and hold your finger down on the Home screen to bring up the Add to Home screen window.

    Select Android widgets from the list.

  4. Scroll down to WiFi Manager 2×1 and/or WiFi Manager 2×1. Select the one with the size you wish to use. For the duration of this tutorial we’re going to use the 3×1 as our “example” – but will show both sizes in the final screenshot.
  5. You’ll be asked right away if you Display signal as either Image, Decibel (dBm) or Percent. For now leave it as Image – it’s a setting that can easily be changed later (and we’ll show you how). You can also opt to remove the actual label below the widget (which is WiFi Manager). Again, this is a setting you can alter later. When you’re ready, tap the Create widget button.
  6. Tap your newly created widget to launch it.
  7. If Wi-Fi on your device is currently disabled, WiFi Manager will ask you to enable it. Do so by tapping the Yes button.
  8. Now the main Wi-Fi Manager interface will load. It displays a plethora of useful information about the wireless networks around you.

    1. As you can see in the image below, the wireless network named simplehelpdotnet is a ‘favorite’ network, and is in the process of connecting.
    2. The signal strength for the simplehelpdotnet network is very strong, as indicated by all 4 “bars” in solid green. All of the other networks signal strength’s are displayed as well.
    3. The linksys network, as seen in the image below, is “open”. It doesn’t require a password to connect to, and has a “star” icon to flag it as such.
  9. Once you’re connected to a wireless network, you’ll see a green “check mark” next to that networks name. The Connected status is also a good indication :)
  10. Tap the button on your Android device (it now differs greatly among devices) that brings up the Menu feature of each App. Select Radar from the menu.
  11. From here you can get a great visual representation of the wireless networks around you. You can even use this service to figure out the best channel to run your Router on, based on the channels the networks around you use.
  12. Return to the menu that you previously selected Radar from, and this time select Settings. From here you can change all those settings and preferences that were created during the initial installation.
  13. Now head back to the Home screen that you put WiFi Manager on. As indicated in the screenshot below (using the 3×1 version of the widget) – I am connected to the simplehelpdotnet wireless network, and have been assigned the IP address of: From here you can directly enable or disable WiFi by tapping the green “Slider” on the far right-side of the widget.
  14. And as promised – below you’ll see a comparison of the 3×1 version of the widget and the 2×1 version of the widget.

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  1. You have no idea how relieved I am. I never learned or was taught how to move around on a smart phone and now a tablet. There are no instruction manual s that have such basic information. This will give you a laugh. I was jumping around like crazy trying to get from the setup of my acct to the google authenticator, in the opening part of the tablet. And try and get back to the previous site with the code. And it kept asking me for my PW in the meantime. Well, I was never fast enough so I came searching. I did not even know what to look for. But I found your site and it saved my sanity and dignity. Thanks, Becky

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