How to Create Full Backups of Your Droid X

This tutorial will take you step by step through the process of creating full backups of your Droid X. This will allow you to try installing various ROMs (or just have full backups) – and always be able to restore your Droid X to a previously working state.

There are a couple of prerequisites for this tutorial, but we have you covered in every case.

Here’s what you’ll need.

  1. A rooted Droid X. If you need help rooting your Droid X, see this tutorial, then head back here.
  2. The program Droid X Bootstrapper from the Android Market (QR Code below). Droid X Bootstrapper costs $2.00, and is worth every penny. Install it from the Market as you would any other App.

  3. Droid X Bootstrapper QR Code

  4. While you’re in the Market, search for and install Titanium Backup (the free version) as well – or use the QR code below.

  5. Titanium Backup QR Code

  6. That’s all you’ll need – go forward!

  1. Launch Droid X Bootstrapper from your Apps list.
  2. Tap Allow when Superuser Request asks for root access.
  3. Tap Bootstrap Recovery
  4. Now tap OK.
  5. Back at the Droid X Bootstrapper window, tap the Reboot Recovery button.
  6. Your Droid X will now reboot, and start up in ClockworkMod Recovery mode.

    Use the Volume keys on your Droid X to move up and down the list of options. Move down to the back up and restore option, and “click” it by clicking the camera button (the one you use to take pictures) on your Droid X.

  7. Again use the Volume keys and camera key to scroll down to and ‘click’ Backup.
  8. Now sit back while the backup is created. This can take a while.
  9. Once the process has completed, you’ll be taken back to the main ClockworkMod Recovery window. Make sure it says Backup complete! at the bottom of the screen, and then select and ‘click’ reboot system now from the list of options.
  10. Your Droid X will now restart. Your backup is stored on your SD card inside of a folder titled clockworkmod
  11. … and a sub-folder of it titled backup
  12. … and finally, a sub-folder of that, with the time and date as its name.
  13. Inside of that folder, you’ll find all of the backup files. It’s not a half-bad idea to copy these files to your PC or Mac, in case your SD Card itself fails.
  14. If you ever need to use this backup to restore your phone, see this tutorial to perform the restore process.

  15. Now it’s time to move on to using Titanium Backup to save all of your user/app data. This step is not required if you’re not going to try various ROMs etc. This section only backs up your Apps and the data associated with them – so that if you install a new ROM, you can quickly restore all of your Apps using Titanium Backup.

    Launch Titanium Backup from your Apps list.

  16. Tap Allow when prompted for root access.
  17. Tap OK on the welcome screen.
  18. Tap the Backup/Restore tab at the top.
  19. From here you’ll be presented with a list of everything to be backed up.

    Click the ‘settings’ button on your Droid X to bring up the Options/Settings menu. Tap the Batch option.

  20. Tap the RUN button next to the Backup all user apps entry.
  21. Now tap the Run the batch operation button.
  22. Sit back again while the backup is performed. This can take quite a while – especially if you have lots of Apps installed.
  23. Once the process has completed, you’ll be returned to the Backup/Restore tab. From here, you’ll notice that each entry now has 1 backup listed below it. Tap the Overview tab.
  24. Here you’ll see that the directory on your SD Card that contains all of your Titanium Backup files is located in a folder titled TitaniumBackup.
  25. You now have a complete backup of your Droid X!

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