How to Install the ApeX ROM on Your Droid X – The Complete Guide

This walkthrough will take you every single step of the way through installing the ApeX ROM on your Droid X (Android) phone.

There are a number of prerequisites to installing the ApeX ROM on your Droid X. Fortunately, we have you covered all the way through from start to finish. Here goes –


  1. A Droid X with the System version of 320 or 340. To determine this, navigate to Settings -> About phone and look in the System version section. Look for the numbers 320 or 340 (notice mine in the screenshot below is 340). Installing ApeX requires one of these two numbers, and will not work with 2.3.15.
  2. system version android info

  3. Up to 2 hours of time if you haven’t already rooted your Droid X and are starting from the very beginning.
  4. A rooted Droid X. Not rooted yet? Here’s a tutorial on how to root your Droid X – easily.
  5. A complete backup of your Droid X. While you can proceed without the backup, you’ll still need to install and use the App (Droid X Bootstrapper). This will allow you to create a backup and install Droid X Bootstrapper – which is required, at the same time.
  6. A backup of your backup. I’m serious. Use this tutorial to copy the backup you made in step 3 (iii) above, to your computer’s hard drive. Just in case your SD Card happens to fail during the installation. Very, very, very unlikely – but why not be totally safe!
  7. The actual ApeX ROM itself (locate the Download Link: and download the ApeX .zip file).

Installing the ApeX ROM on Your Droid X

  1. Copy the ApeX ROM to the root of your SD Card. You can use this tutorial to mount your SD Card in Windows or OSX, and then copy the .zip file to your SD Card that way.
  2. Launch Droid X Bootstrapper from your Apps list.
  3. Tap Bootstrap Recovery.
  4. Tap OK after the Success! message.
  5. Now tap Reboot Recovery. Your phone will reboot.
  6. When your phone starts up again, it will enter ClockworkMod Recovery
  7. Use the Up and Down Volume buttons on your Droid X to ‘scroll’ through the list. Scroll down to the mounts and storage section, and select it by clicking the “camera” button on your phone (the button you click when taking a picture).
  8. Use the Volume Down button again to scroll down to format data. Again, use the ‘camera’ button on your Droid X to select it.
  9. Scroll down to Yes – Format and select it.
  10. ClockworkMod Recovery will now format the data section.
  11. Once the process has completed, look for the Done. confirmation message.
  12. Now scroll to format cache, and select it.
  13. Scroll to Yes – Format and select it.
  14. And yet again, you’ll see a Done! message once the formatting has completed.
  15. Now return to the “main” ClockworkdMod Recovery menu. You can use the back button on your Droid X to move ‘up’ (or back) a level. From the main menu, scroll to and select install zip from sdcard
  16. Select choose zip from sdcard.
  17. Scroll all the way down to the ApeX ROM zip file (keep scrolling if you don’t see it on the initial list – it might be too long to fit on the screen). In this tutorial we’re installing version 1.3.1 – so I have scrolled to the file Select it (as always, the camera button on your Droid X).
  18. Scroll down to Yes – Install (where V1_3_1 may be a newer version) and select it.
  19. Now just sit back and wait.
  20. At times you might think the process has stalled. It almost certainly hasn’t – it can just take a while.
  21. Eventually you’ll get a message at the bottom of your screen that says Install from sdcard complete.
  22. Return to the main ClockworkMod Recovery menu (again, the ‘back’ button on your phone). Select reboot system now.
  23. Your phone will now power off and start up again. The initial start up will probably take considerably longer than you’re used to. This is totally normal, and subsequent reboots won’t take as long. Just wait.

    Finally – the default ApeX ROM!.

  24. If you’d like absolute confirmation, select Settings -> About phone -> Build number. You’ll see ApeX listed.
  25. You’re done! Now is a good time to head to the Android Market and download Titanium Backup (again), and restore your Apps (from the backup you made using Titanium Backup starting from step 15 of this tutorial).
  26. If for any reason you decide you don’t like the ApeX ROM, use the steps outlined in this tutorial to completely recover your phone.

3 thoughts on “How to Install the ApeX ROM on Your Droid X – The Complete Guide”

  1. For step 25 I also need to search for current way to install z4root as required for Titanium Backup. Even with that these are excellent instructions and helped walk me through my first, of what I am sure will be many, ROM installs. Already had prerequisites installed so backup and install only took about 1 hour (excluding step 25).

    Thank You!!

  2. Wonderfully complete instructions! However, having tried TWICE now, I can’t get the zip package to run. I get to step 18 and then it keeps asking for the zip file. It sees the folders inside the “zip” but doesn’t execute anything. I used the back key to get to restore and restored back to my backup both times so no loss of phone.

    Anyone have an idea what I am forgetting to do?


  3. Thank you so much, this tutorial was amazing! Super clear, informative, and easy to follow. Rooted, backed up, and rom’ed my Droid X in less than an hour!

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