Download a Free Copy of PDFZilla

From now until Feb 5th, 2011, PDFZilla are giving their software away for free (regularly 29.95USD). PDFZilla converts PDF files into many different formats, including MS Word, txt and HTML.

PDFZilla is a Windows-only program that I have never used. Simple Help doesn’t endorse it, makes no claims as to how effective it is, nor were we compensated in any way to publish this post.

If you do give PDFZilla a try, let us know what you think of it in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Download a Free Copy of PDFZilla”

  1. Converting pdf to MS-Word seems to be working fast and seemless, however coverting pdf files with pictures inbedded in the file seems to be a problem for PDFZILLA, It cannot handle large Pdf documents, it will convert it but you will not be able to open it. I used a 65Mb file with lots of images and converted it to a Word document, the file ended up being nearly 900Mb big, Ms Word is unable to open any file larger than 512Mb! (not sure why the file is so boated once converted.)
    I then converted a smaller pdf document (25Mb size file) to MS Word, The conversion was quick but the file size again was huge and bloated. (412Mb) This, Ms Word was able to open. The text in the document retained it’s font size but it required reformatting as it was garbled and losts it’s text formatting. I do not recommend this program for conversion to Ms Word, perhaps it will do plain text better but it does a terrible job with text and graphics combined. It receives a thumbs down from me.

  2. ACD See is good for converting images/pictures into pdf. PDFZilla appears working fine with MS Word, but problem with converting Excel

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