How to Recover a Backup Created With Titanium Backup

In our tutorial How to Create Full Backups of Your Droid X, we showed you how to create a backup of all your Apps using Titanium Backup. This tutorial will show you how to use that Titanium Backup to recover all your Apps.

  1. Start out by downloading Titanium Backup (the free version is fine) from the Market again.

  2. Titanium Backup QR Code (link: How to read QR Codes With Your Android Phone)

  3. Launch Titanium Backup and select the Backup/Restore tab.
  4. Click the ‘menu’ button on your phone to bring up the setting screen, and tap Batch.
  5. Tap the Run button next to Restore all apps with data
  6. Now tap the Run the batch operation button…
  7. … and get ready to tap the Install button a lot.
  8. One by one you’ll re-install all of your apps. Tedious, but easier than using the Market to find, download and install each one.

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