How to Transfer Apps on Your iPod Touch to an iPad

Recently I purchased an iPad, and wanted to make sure that I didn’t lose VLC or any other apps that have been removed from the iTunes App Store. Here we’ll take a look at how to transfer your iPod apps to the iPad using iTunes.

Here we’ll taking a brand new iPad and transferring all of the apps that we already onto it from an iPod Touch.


1. The first time you plug in your iPad and you’ll want to start with the registration process.


2. After you go through the registration, unplug the iPad and plug in your iPod Touch and make sure you have it backed up and synced. Just right-click the iPod Touch in iTunes and click on Back Up.


3. Of course you’ll see the progress at the top of iTunes.


4. When the backup process has completed go ahead and eject the device.


5. Now Plug in your iPad, click on Apps, check the box next to Sync Apps then the Sync Apps button.


6. Now you can select the apps you want to put on your new iPad and organize the pages.


Note: One Caveat is some of the apps you select may not work with an iPad.


7. If you use the folders feature don’t want to put all of your apps back into folders, you can set that up from this area as well. You may find it easier doing it from iTunes versus creating new folders in the iPad.


8. When you have the apps you want select kick off sync and wait while the process completes. The amount of time it takes will depend on the amount of apps you have selected.


9. After it’s done syncing up you should be good to go. Just disconnect it and start using your apps on the iPad.



10. I was especially happy to see that VLC still worked with no problems too!


11. Another thing to keep in mind is most of your iPod Touch or iPhone apps are created for the resolution of the smaller screens. So, you may have to deal with then in a smaller form. You can increase the size, but they tend to be more grainy with not the best resolution.


If you get a new iPad and want to make sure you get all of your apps transferred, (even those discontinued from the store), this should help you out.

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