How to Make Internet Explorer 9 Beta Always Run InPrivate Browsing Mode

One of the cool things about browsers today is the ability to run in private mode, and IE 9 Beta offers this ability just as IE 8 did. Here we take a look at how to make IE 9 beta always run InPrivate Browsing mode.

1. If you haven’t installed IE 9 beta yet check out our beginners guide on how to install and use it. You can manually set IE 9 run InPrivate Browsing mode. First right-click an empty area next to a tab and click on Command bar.


2. The Command bar will display and you’ll want to click on Safety and then InPrivate Browsing.


3. Alternately, you can right-click the IE 9 icon on the Taskbar and click on InPrivate Browsing.


4. Now you’ll get a message letting you know InPrivate Browsing is turned on.


5. While you’re browsing you’ll see InPrivate next to the address bar.


6. IE 9 doesn’t have an option to run it InPrivate mode every time you launch the browser though. To get around this limitation, click on Start >> All Programs then right-click on the IE 9 Icon and click Properties.


6. The Internet Explorer Properties window opens up. The Shortcut tab should be open by default, but if not just click on it. Then in the Target field after the quotes add a space then –private. So the path in the Target field should read as the following:

“C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe” –private


7. After you add a space, dash, and private after the quotes click OK. Then unpin the original IE 9 icon from the Taskbar.


8. Then go back to Start >> All Programs and drag the shortcut icon we modified to the Taskbar.


9. Now anytime you launch IE 9 Beta from the Taskbar or the Start Menu it will automatically start InPrivate Browsing mode.


10. If you want to create a shortcut on the Desktop, right-click the modified icon in the Start Menu and drag it to the Desktop.


11. When you let it go, click on Create Shortcut Here.


12. And there you go! The IE 9 icon will be on your Desktop and anytime you double-click the icon it will open InPrivate Browsing mode.



Hopefully after IE 9 leaves beta there will be an option to set so it will be InPrivate automatically, but until then, this workaround will get you by.

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