How To Rip a Blu-ray Disc and Convert It to a MKV File

Over the past few weeks we’ve shown you different options to rip and convert Blu-ray discs on your PC. Today we’ll take a look at more options to rip your Blu-ray discs and convert it to an MKV file.

1. Previously we showed you how to use DVDFab to rip the Blu-ray disc, this time we’ll take a look at a different solution called AnyDVD HD. Installation is easy following the wizard and accepting the defaults.


2. To complete the installation a reboot of your PC is required.


3. AnyDVD HD offers a free 21 day trial period and you need to purchase a license after that.


4. Launch the app and click on Video Blu-ray and select your settings and Disc Region. The cool thing is you can remove ads, trailers, and the FBI warning so you only get the main movie. For Disc Region you should be fine leaving it to automatic, but you can change it if you know the region for the disc.


5. After you have the settings configured, right-click the AnyDVD HD icon in the Taskbar and click Rip to Image. If you select Rip Video DVD to Hard disk…it will create an ISO image of the full disc…which isn’t what we want for this tutorial.


6. Make sure you have the correct Blu-ray drive for the Source Directory and select a Destination Directory where the ripped files will be placed and click Copy DVD.


7. Now kick back while the ripping and decoding process completes. The amount of time it takes will vary between systems and length of the movie…on our i3 desktop it took about 35 minutes.


8. Success! The ripping process has completed and now you can just close out of AnyDVD HD Ripper.


9. After the process is complete, navigate to the location you set for the output file where in this instance it’s:


Like in our previous tutorials it’s worth mentioning that you can now make sure the process was successful by watching the largest M2TS file in VLC. You can find it easily by clicking Size in Explorer to bring it to the top.



10. If everything looks good it’s time to convert the movie to MKV format. Since we’re trying out new software this time, we’ll go with Any Video Converter instead of Handbrake. Of course there is nothing wrong with Handbrake…it works quite well and you can check out our previous article for using it.

Any Video Converter is freeware and has the ability to convert many different video file types. Installation is straight-forward following the wizard. But one thing to point out is you’ll need to opt out of the Uniblue RegistryBooster during the install unless you want to try it out for some reason. Make sure to click Do not install Uniblue RegistryBooster before continuing.


11. Any Video Converter has a nice interface and is intuitive to use. To start the conversion click on Add Video and browse to the largest M2TS file we looked at above.


12. Then you’ll see the file listed along with its time duration and other information.


13. On the right panel under Output Profile click the dropdown menu and select the MKV format. Notice there are also several other formats you can choose from as well.


14. Then you can select different settings for the output file including the Video Codec, Frame Size, Bit Rate, Audio Options and more.


15. The cool thing about Any Video Converter is you can play around with different settings to get the best video for different devices.


16. After you have the settings you want, click on the Convert button at the top of the interface.


17. You will want to find something else to do while the Blu-ray file converts as it can take quite a while. You can monitor the progress while it’s taking place and check on it periodically.


18. You can minimize the screen and still multi-task on your machine. While testing it out on a Core i3 desktop, it didn’t take up too many resources that affected running other apps with the processing priority set to Normal.


19. You can adjust the processing priority in options though. Click on Edit >> Options.


20. Then in the Process & Thread section adjust the priority either to a higher or lower value.


21. After the conversion has completed you do get a message offering the Pro version that has more options to convert Blu-ray to portable devices and more, but you can just click No Thanks.


22. Then the output directory you selected will open right away so you can access the MKV file…which you’ll probably want to rename.


23. Looking at the properties of the file, we see that it’s much smaller than the original 26 GB…only 1.29 GB.


24. Now you can watch the converted Blu-ray movie on your favorite media player that supports MKV format. For more on this, check out our article on How to Play MKV Files in Windows.


If you are looking to rip and convert your Blu-ray discs to back them up or play on other devices this method works pretty good. Stay tuned as we’ll be covering even more tools and software for converting and using Blu-ray on your PC!

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