How To Add and Manage Aliases From a Single Windows Hotmail or Live Account

One of the new features recently added to Windows Live and Hotmail is the ability to create aliases. Here we take a look at how to set them up and why you would want to.

If you’re online shopping or sign up for certain newsletters, you may want to use an alias address rather than clutter up your inbox with advertising. Aliases lets you use an address you specify as a folder and adds it into your Hotmail or Live Inbox. This way, you don’t have to worry about sorting through junk email and the important ones from your Inbox.

1. To set up an alias account, log into your MS Hotmail or Live account from the MS Live website.


2. Then click on Profile under your email account username.


3. Click on Hotmail then Inbox.


4. Now click on Inbox and the gear icon. Then click Create a Hotmail alias.


5. The Create a Hotmail alias screen comes up. Type in your alias email address to whatever you want it to be, in this instance it’s “shoppers.junk”. From the dropdown choose either @ hotmail or, then click Create an alias.


6. Now select where you want the mail to go…either a new folder or your inbox. To keep the inbox clean, creating a folder might be your best option…then click Done.


7. As with other email accounts, if the address is already taken you’ll need to create a different one.


8. If you create more than one, you have the option to make it a new folder, your Inbox, or put it in an existing alias folder.


9. Now when you go back to your Inbox you’ll see the new alias folder(s) you’ve created.


10. When composing a new email, you can choose which alias account it’s coming from. If you don’t want a company knowing your main email address, using aliases is a great way to “fake” them out.


11. If you use the Windows Live Mail Desktop client, you’ll see the alias folders you’ve created there as well.


That is all there is to it! Right now you can create up to 5 alias accounts, and in the future you’ll be able to have 15. Microsoft just started rolling out alias accounts earlier this week, so if you don’t see it yet make sure to check back regularly.

Using aliases in one account is a lot easier than having to annoyingly sign in to separate accounts every time to check emails of lesser importance. And helps keep an already cluttered inbox more organized.

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4 thoughts on “How To Add and Manage Aliases From a Single Windows Hotmail or Live Account”

  1. I love the alias option, but have one have two questions. Can the recipient see the profile of the original email? Also I now want the alias email to go into directly into my main mail inbox. When I set it up I set it up to go into a separate folder but I have changed my mind. Because I have to be on my laptop to receive the mail and I spend all day on my Droid where I cannot look into the folder. How can I change this back?

  2. mine never gave me the option of adding a new inbox, so now i have to still get this mail in my main inbox. i tried using rules to filter it into another folder but this didn’t work.

  3. Would be nice if this service worked! I tried to set up an alias for a email account and it was verified, but the emails sent to it fail. Hotmails help forums only show other users having the same issue with no resolution. My advice is just use a good email and regard the Hotmail service as poor.

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