How To Download Torrents The Ridiculously Easy Way

If you’re a beginner downloading torrents, or thinking about getting started, all of the settings available in some clients might be overwhelming. Today we take a look at the BitTorrent Chrysalis project which makes downloading and sharing torrents fool proof.

1. Download Project Chrysalis Alpha…remember this project is in Alpha stage, so there will undoubtedly be some bugs.


2. Since this client is mean to be for beginners, we’re going to walk you through the process of installation and use. If you’ve been uploading, downloading and creating torrents for years, you still might want to try this out and submit feedback for the project.


3. For most steps in the wizard you can just select the defaults and click Next.


4. Read the warning message then click Next.


5. Look over the License Agreement and click I Agree.


6. You can keep the default installation path, here you might want to uncheck additional features…but you can go with all the defaults.


7. On the last configuration screen, the only thing I’d suggest is unchecking Start BitTorrent when Windows starts up. Remember the more programs you have set to launch when you boot your system, the longer it takes to start up.

Also, when you start your computer, you might not want a bunch of bandwidth to be used while your trying to get things done. When your ready, click Install.


8. When you launch BitTorrent Chrysalis, notice the user interface is uncluttered, nicely laid out, and intuitive to use…even for a beginner. It includes free and legal content that you can download.


Download Torrents

1. Look through the content, which you can narrow down. For instance here I want to download a Video, so click on that, then click Go To.


2. Scroll through the different available videos in the section and click the Download button.


3. Here I’m selecting some music to download and under Discover Content click on one of the services you want content from.


4. ZULU Music is a cool service that lists music content that is available by independent artists from Jamendo and other free music services. Click the Green Arrow to download it.


Then you’ll see a progress bar underneath the album cover so you know it’s downloading.


5. After you have a few Torrents going, click on My Files and you’ll see ones that are complete and seeding, and the ones that are downloading. You can also easily pause a torrent file if you need to…it’s so easy even the least tech savvy person can start using it right out of the box.


6. When a Torrent has completed, you’ll get a balloon message in the Notification Area on the Taskbar letting you know it’s complete.


7. If you want to download a Torrent from a site, just find the one you want and click on it…where in this case it’s the free Floola app for Mac from Legit Torrents.

Another Torrent 101 tip is to grab torrents with the most Seeders for a faster download.


8. This brings you to a a page with details and other information about the file. Click on the link next to Torrent…most torrent sites work this way, but some may be a bit different, but you get the idea.


9. Your default browser will ask you what you want to use to open the file…select BitTorrent.exe and click OK.


10. Then BitTorrent Chrysalis grabs the file and begins the download. Again, you can monitor the progress under My Files.


11. If you have an audio or video torrent downloaded, click the green play button which brings up a list of programs to play the file in, select the program and begin enjoying the content. Don’t worry, the file will still be seeding while your watching or listening to it.



BitTorrent Options

The Chrysalis project is a new easy to use UI built on top of the BitTorrent client. So if you’re a beginner, you don’t necessarily need to change any options, but they’re available if you want.

1.Click on Options and notice the sidebar comes up with General, Advanced, and Expert. If you’re a beginner, you should just start with the General section…then as you start getting the hang of using BitTorrent, you can move on to tweak essentially every aspect of the program.


2. Here is a look at the General Options…very basic.


3. Then under Advanced Options you can get into more complex settings like changing the incoming Port and other settings that deal with configuring your router.


4. Experts will be all to familiar with the advanced settings that are at the core of BitTorrent. Again if you’re just starting with Torrents, stay out of this section and don’t make any changes until you become more knowledgeable about BitTorrent and what each setting means, and how it will affect performance.


5. That’s all there is to it! During the time it took me to write this article, I went into My Files and see that 3 Torrents have completed and are now Seeding to other users.


6. The completed files are placed in your Downloads folder by default.


If you’re a Torrent Noob, BitTorrent Chrysalis is essentially an idiot proof way of getting started with torrents. If you’re an expert, the Chrysalis Project is built on top of BitTorrent…just like uTorrent, so you might want to download it too and join in the project!

Disclaimer: Never use BitTorrent to download copy-written content. Simple Help doesn’t suggest in anyway you use BitTorrent for illegal downloads.

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