Find Great Free Apps for Windows with Allmyapps

If you’re doing a fresh install of your Windows computer or need a specific utility, it can be annoying to search all over the Internet for them. AllMyApps solves this problem by providing a central location where you can find free and paid apps for your Windows computer.

1. Head over to the Allmyapps website and sign up for the service (an account is needed to use the service). While you can certainly browse the site for different categories of free and commercial applications, an easier method is to download and install Allmyapps Desktop.


2. Installation is pretty straight-forward following the wizard.



3. Once installed log into your account if you made one on their website, or create a new one.



4. When it launches click on the Discover link to find new applications. You can also use the search field if you know exactly what you want.


5. Now you can brows through their catalog of apps and find what you need.


6. In the left column you can choose the category of application you’re looking for. You’ll also see an App of the Week which is usually a commercial program that’s on sale.


7. Click on an application that you want to learn more about and it will display a description of what it is and what it does.


8. Click the Install button and you’ll see the Terms and conditions of Use, check that you accept the terms, and then click Install.


9. Then the program you selected will download and install.



10. You’ll see a popup screen near the notification area once it’s installed.


11. After the program is installed you’ll need to sign into the service (like in this case for Spotify).


Or like in this instance of installing CCleaner you’ll need to set it up how you like first.


12. Once you’re finished logging into the app or setting up, it will launch right away so you can begin using it.


If you’re looking for an easy way to find and install new application on your Windows system. Allmyapps Desktop is a good way to do it. It’s currently in Beta stage, but has a large selection of apps and more are added almost every day.

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