How To Use the Amazon Cloud Player on Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch

The other we covered the Amazon Cloud Player and how you can get 20 GB of free storage. We also mentioned in the article that it doesn’t work with iOS devices. Here we’ll show you a work around for playing songs on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

For this article we’re using an iPad (1st Gen), but it will work the same with your iPhone, iPad 2 or iPod Touch.

The Problem & Workaround

1. When you open the Amazon Cloud Player on your iOS device, you can see your music collection but no matter what you do…it won’t play your tracks.


2. Tap on a track and to the right of the song you want to play and you’ll see a dropdown arrow. Tap on that and from the menu tap on Download.


3. The first time you do this a message will pop up asking if you want to install the MP3 Downloader, since this doesn’t work on an iOS device check Don’t ask me again the tap on No, thanks.


4. The song will begin to play through the media player. When the song is over you can listen to it again or tap on the Back button.


5. Taping on the Back button in the browser will bring you back to your list of music and you can repeat the process shown above.


While this work around isn’t perfect by any means, it does work if you want to play songs from the Amazon Cloud Player on an iOS device. Hopefully sometime in the near future we’ll see an official app for the iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

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