How To Start Torrents Remotely with Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch

We previously showed you how to start torrents remotely with Dropbox which is a great way to kick them off at home while you’re at work. Here we’ll show you how to start them while on the go from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

In this tutorial we’re using an iPad, but you can use this method with your iPhone or iPod Touch as well.

1. The first thing you’ll need to do is get yourself a Dropbox account if you don’t have one already.


2. Then follow our previous guide on how to start torrents remotely with Dropbox. This explains how to make your torrent client – in  this case uTorrent – keep an eye on your Dropbox for new torrent files to download automatically as they’re added.


3. Then you’ll need to download Drop It from the iTunes App Store on your iOS device of choice. It’s not a free app, but it’s only 0.99 cents so it certainly won’t break the bank.


4. After you download Drop It, tap the icon on your home screen to launch it.


5. After launching Drop It, tap on the info icon in the lower right corner.


6. Then log into your Dropbox account.


7. Tap on Done to go back to the Drop It main interface.


8. Now to use Drop It from you iOS device, browse to a torrent site like Clearbits Legal Torrents (or whatever your favorite torrent site is) and tap and hold the torrent download icon and copy the address.


9. Double press on the home button on your device to pull up the multitasking bar and launch Drop It.


10. Then you should see the address you copied already in the File to Save field. Then just tap on Drop It, and the file will upload into your Dropbox account.

Note that it will go into the Downloads folder in your Dropbox, so make sure your torrent client is set to monitor that folder to automatically download torrent files.


If you’ve been wondering how to remotely start torrents from your iOS device, using Drop It with Dropbox is a good way to go. Worth the 0.99 cents if you are on your iPhone or iPad a lot during the day.

1 thought on “How To Start Torrents Remotely with Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch”

  1. Works perfectly…although, with the iPad 2 and safari anyway, you don’t need “drop it” just dropbox. I tried it with demonoid and all you have to do is click “download torrent” then it will give u an option to open in dropbox then just upload to torrents folder!
    thanks a lot for this!

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