How to transfer files from your Mac to your Android Tablet

In particular, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet does not work with the tool provided by Google (Android File Transfer), to transfer files to/from your Mac and Android Tablet. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 isn’t the only Android tablet that doesn’t work with the Google supplied tool. This tutorial will provide you with a work-around so that you can copy files to and from your Android Tablet from your Mac.

  1. Note: file transfers will be significantly faster if your Mac and Android Tablet are both on the same Local Network.
  2. You’ll need two pieces of software to be able to transfer files to/from your Android Tablet to Mac. Both are free – and you may have one installed already. The first is File Expert, which you’ll need to install on your Android Tablet. The second is Cyberduck, which is an FTP client. If you already have an FTP client installed on your Mac that you prefer – you won’t need Cyberduck.
  3. After you’ve installed File Expert on your tablet, launch it from your Apps list.
  4. From the bottom of the File Expert window, tape the Share button.
  5. From the Network Share window, select Enable FTP Sharing.

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  7. A Network Share window will pop up. Don’t close it – we’ll need all the info in that window in just a moment.

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  9. Back on your Mac, launch Cyberduck. Select Open Connection from the upper-left corner of the Cyberduck window.

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  11. Now you’ll need to start filling in the boxes on this screen with the info provided by File Expert’s Network Share window.

    For example, in the Cyberduck Server: box, enter the number found in File Expert’s FTP IP Address field (from back in step #5).

    Enter 2211 in the Port: filed – which will probably have the default number of 21.
    In the Username: field, enter fe
    In the Password: field, enter filexpert

    Now click the Connect button.

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  13. Cyberduck will connect to your Android Tablet and display the contents of it.

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  15. To copy a file to your Android Tablet from your Mac, open a Finder window and locate the file (or files) you want to transfer. Drag them from the Finder window to the folder on your Android Tablet (via Cyberduck) where you want to store them. For example, the screenshot below shows me uploading the video file VID00008.MP4 to the Movies folder on my tablet.

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  17. Depending on a number of variables, the speed at which files are transfered from your Mac to your tablet (or vice versa) can vary pretty significantly. I’ve found that my transfers average at about 1.2MBps. This is when my home network isn’t being heavily used for other things.

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  19. Once you’ve finished copy files back and forth between your Android Tablet and your Mac, return to the File Expert window on your tablet. Tap the Okay button.

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  21. Now tap the Share button again.
  22. Tap All Sharing OFF. This will disable the FTP server that File Expert was running. There’s no need to keep it open when you don’t need to copy files between your Mac and tablet.

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  24. A small Sharing service closed message should appear.
  25. That’s it – you’re done! You can save the info you entered into Cyberduck as a bookmark so you don’t need to go through the entire process each time, but do note that the IP Address of your tablet will change from time to time, and that setting may need to be changed in Cyberduck.

  • Thank you for this tutorial – nice way to keep Samsungs inability to open up for usb mode out of the way…
    unfortunately the transfer rate is pretty low… that made it kind of impossible to transfer big files to the Samsung tablet :(

  • Takeo – yeah, it’s nowhere near USB speed. But if you’re on the same network, it should be pretty fast. I’ve transfered 2+GB files over, and while it took a while, it certainly worked. I just grab a coffee after I start the transfer :)

    I suspect Google and Samsung will properly address this issue soon enough. I hope.

  • Kim

    hi, can I use dropbox on my mac and samsung tablet 8.9 to achieve the same thing? I tried downloading cyberduck to my 4 yr old macbook pro and it wouldn’t open. I downloaded it again, rebooted, etc and still it would not open. This is why I’m wondering if drop box may be better.

  • malosn

    point 01:the easiest way to have them both in the same network is to use the modem function of your GT10.1
    just go to Parameters-> Wireless and network->Tethering and portable hotspot->Portable wifi hotspot
    Thus both items will be under the same network and will not affected by oher connections of your home network.

  • KL

    i have tried the tutorial above however cyberduck keep show DNS Error: Connection Failed. Would it because the version of FE ? my tablet vs the screenshot above are different.

  • Luís

    KL, I could make it work a couple times but mostly I have the same error as you ( I/O Error: Connection failed connect timed out.) and yes the FE version it’s no longer the same.
    Could someone give us a hand here :)

  • hello there! you are truly an admirable person. I’ve been stuck with Kies constantly hanging on me… until I found this website :) Thank you so much (I’m using Samsung Note 10.1)