How to view your Facebook stream in Google+

This tutorial has been updated to include the steps on how to REMOVE the previously recommended plugin.


If you have followed the steps in this tutorial prior to July 13th, 2011 – please read the following.

Note: the instructions on how to view your Facebook stream in Google+ that were previously outlined here relied on using a plugin that has since been discovered to contain malware. It is important to remove the Google+Facebook Add-On for Firefox or Extension for Chrome.

Google Chrome users, simply select your Menu button, go to the Tools option and click Extensions. Uninstall the Google+Facebook Extension. Restart your browser. Done!

Firefox Users – the process is a bit more tricky. Detailed instructions can be found on reddit here.

Once you’re done, remove the Google Plus application from your profile by going to: Privacy Settings -> Apps and Websites (bottom left) -> Edit your settings.

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