How to Automatically Send your Tweets to Google+

This very brief guide will show you how to automatically send your tweets (or selective tweets) to Google+

  1. Head over to the free web-service TwooglePlus and sign up for an account. The process is very simple and you’re guided through it step-by-step.
  2. Once you’ve created your account and tied your Twitter and Google+ accounts together, you’ll be prompted to start selecting options.

    The first option is to decide which of your Google+ Circles you’d like your tweets re-posted to. Make your selections (you can choose more than one) and then click Continue.

  3. Then you’ll be presented with a few more settings. You can opt to Unshorten Links (the full link will display on Google+), Remove Tracking Tokens and use a hash-tag feature to selectively share your tweets to Google+. If you select Tweets must contain #g, only the tweets you post that include the #g hash-tag will be shared to Google+.
  4. As a test I re-tweeted one of @howtogeeknews‘s tweets.
  5. Sure enough it appeared in Google+ a few minutes later.

  6. click to enlarge

  7. That’s it!

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