How to Watch Netflix and Use a Proxy at the Same Time

This short tutorial will show you how to protect your web surfing and still be able to watch Netflix in your browser at the same time.

In order to close a loophole that allowed people to watch Netflix from countries other than their own, Netflix blocked the use of VPN’s. That means if you want to watch Netflix in your browser, you have to turn your VPN off and/or not use a proxy.

netflix proxy vpn error message

Using the Google Chrome web browser and Private Internet Access – you can have the best of both worlds – secure browsing and the ability to watch Netflix.

Please note: Private Internet Access is a VPN provider and is not free. It is hands down the one we recommend, and the one we use ourselves. If you’re a regular Simple Help reader you’ll know that we always recommend free software and services whenever possible, but free VPN services are free for a reason – they’re unreliable, slow, and very often not that private (defeating the entire purpose of a VPN).

If you’re using a VPN provider other than PIA, visit their website and locate the Help/Support section. They may offer a similar service to PIA regarding the ability to use a browser add-on to watch Netflix and remain secure at the same time. Unfortunately, not all offer this feature – which is one of the many reasons we recommend PIA.

  1. Start out by heading over to the Google Chrome Web Store and download/install PIA Extension (link opens in a new tab/window). As with all Chrome extensions, just click the ADD TO CHROME button to install it.
  2. When prompted, click the Add extension button.
  3. The new PIA extension can be accessed in your Tool Menu. When the icon is red, that means you’re not connected. Click it to bring up the connection switch.
  4. The first time you use the PIA extension you’ll need to input your username and password.
  5. Before you connect for the first time you’ll need to configure the extension to allow for Netflix streaming. Click the Extension Settings icon from the bottom left corner of the window (see screenshot below).
  6. Now select the Bypass List item.
  7. From here you can add websites (domains) that PIA will ‘ignore’ – traffic that won’t be routed through PIA first. They even have a Netflix option built in – so just place a check in the box labelled Netflix. If you happen to use Hulu as well – place a check in that box too. Then click the Save button.
  8. Now toggle the PIA status to ON (or select one of the locations other than New York City).
  9. The PIA extension icon will now switch from red to green, and the flag of the country you’re connected to will overlap it (see screenshot below).
  10. If you hover your cursor over the icon, location of your proxy will be displayed. If you ever notice any slow web surfing, simply select a location closer to you.
  11. That’s it! You can now surf the web securely and have Netflix running at the same time! Note: when the PIA Chrome extension is enabled it will only be securing Chrome – not your other Internet Apps. For that, you’ll want to use the full PIA VPN service.
  12. One last thing – by default, the PIA Chrome extension also enables their MACE feature – which among other things blocks ads. If you notice that some websites look different after you start using the PIA extension, that may be the reason why. If you ever want to disable MACE, open the PIA extension, return to the Settings section and select the Tracking item. From there, remove the checkmark next to MACE.

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