How to Stream Music To Your Remote Friends

This guide will take you step by step through the process of using AuxParty (totally free!) to become an online DJ and stream music to your friends around the world.


Do you remember If so, you’re going to love AuxParty. From one of the founders –

We started working on AuxParty because we missed the great time we used to have on We tried to recreate our favorite parts of turntable while adding our unique twist.

AuxParty lets you become a virtual DJ and play anything from Spotify or SoundCloud. You can even take turns as the DJ with your friends. Since we’re still doing a lot of working from home and social-distancing, this is the perfect service to use when you want to rock out and dance with your far-away friends.

Create and Configure Your AuxParty Account

There is one caveat you should know about before you jump in – if you’re using Spotify, you’ll need a Spotify Premium account. This is due to Spotify’s service restrictions. For SoundCloud rooms and users, you only need to have an account – it doesn’t have to be a paid or “pro” one.

  1. Head over to AuxParty and create an account by selecting either Spotify or SoundCloud.
  2. auxparty home page

  3. Enter your credentials and click LOG IN
  4. Spotify sign in panel

  5. If prompted, click the AGREE button.
  6. Spotify agree to Terms button

  7. To finish the sign-up process you’ll need to confirm your account by submitting an email address. Enter it in the space provided and then click the Send Verification Email button.
  8. auxparty submit email

  9. At this point you’ll be sent a confirmation email. Check for new messages and when the one from AuxParty arrives, click the Verify Email button.
  10. AuxParty Verify Email button

  11. Although you might be tempted to jump right in and become a star Internet DJ, you might as well take a few moments to finish setting up your account. Click the Settings link in the navigation panel on the left side of the window.
  12. AuxParty Dashboard

  13. From here you can turn Notifications on (if you wish) and select an Avatar.
  14. AuxParty settings screen

  15. Now select Your Profile from the list of items in the navigation panel.
  16. AuxParty navigation panel

  17. Click the Edit Profile button.
  18. AuxParty profile with red arrow pointing to edit button

  19. Enter your information in the spaces provided and then click the close button to save your changes.
  20. auxparty profile options

  21. Confirm that your info is correct etc. Now for the fun part!
  22. auxparty completed profile

Create a Room and Stream Music Using AuxParty

  1. Start by clicking the Create Room link from the navigation panel. Select either SoundCloud or Spotify based on which service you’re going to use to select your songs/tracks from. Choose Public if you want to allow anyone to come into your room and listen to your stream, or Private if you want it to be just for your friends. Finally, give the room a name in the Room Name field and click the create room button.
  2. create an auxparty room to stream music

  3. Welcome to the stage, it’s time to start your new career as a star DJ!
  4. auxparty stage with no dj

  5. The first thing to do is pick some music to play. From the column on the right side of the window, select the Playlists tab.
  6. auxparty room panel

  7. Locate and select a Playlist that contains at least one song you want to add to your music queue.
  8. auxparty playlist section

  9. Hover your cursor over a track and select either add to top of queue or add to bottom of queue. Otherwise, click the add all tracks to queue button.
  10. add tracks to auxparty queue

  11. Click the Start DJing button located in front of the ‘stage’ and your playlist will start up and the first track will start playing.
  12. auxparty stage with dj
    click to enlarge

  13. When people enter your room you’ll see their avatars standing in front of the stage.
  14. auxparty stage with audience
    click to enlarge

  15. If one of them clicks the Start DJing button they’ll hop up on stage too, and the two of you will take turns playing tracks. For more information on who can DJ and how it works, see the DJing section of the AuxParty FAQ.
  16. streaming music djs

  17. When you hover your cursor over another persons avatar you’ll be presented with some info about them, and actions you can take. If you’re the owner of a room and you don’t want someone to be a DJ, click the remove user as DJ button.
  18. auxparty dj hover card

  19. Use the Chat section of the panel to talk to the other folks in your room.
  20. auxparty chat panel

  21. Be sure to stop by the Vulf and Friends room and say hi :)

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