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Reading books is one of the most popular hobbies. There are millions and millions of books you can choose from and for sure you already know your favorite genre. You would want to read whenever you have some free time. While commuting, waiting for the class to begin, during your lunch break, while waiting for your colleague to come, and so on. But carrying huge novels with you every time you go out of your house might not be the thing you are looking for. So, you might think about having an E-reader, which is more portable and light. But finding a place for it in your bag every time can feel like a chore. So, why not use a device you already have with you everywhere for reading books while you are on the go? There are many Android and iOS apps for reading books you can install and start enjoying reading more. Here they are.


Everyone has heard about the Kindle Amazon E-reader that is highly portable and light and you can carry it everywhere you go. However, if you do not want your e-reader with you, you can install the app with the same name on your smartphone. It is completely free and it gives you access to millions of books from all genres. You have a lot of features, such as choosing the size of the font, highlighting essential quotes, and choosing your style. As you always have your smartphone with you, it is way easier to just install an app and start using it.

This is helpful, especially for students who are always juggling between classes and who need to study and keep up the pace with their book summaries. Especially if you need to write a research paper, as a student, you need to do thorough research. You can read a silas marner summary, as there are many free examples. If you have your Kindle app on your phone, you can keep informed even when you are on the go. Like this, the teacher comments for students’ writing will be excellent as your grading college papers will be top-notch and your student contract for grades will not be at risk.


Scribd is one of the most popular apps for reading books you can install to your phone. It is available both for Android and iOS users and it gives you instant access to lots of books. You will find there are a lot of titles among which are bestsellers and books that are under the spotlight now, so fresh launches. One of the most amazing things about this app is that you also have access to audiobooks.

So, if you cannot read a book in some moments, such as driving a car, you can listen to it and still expand your knowledge. Even though the app is not free, it is only about $12 per month, which is worth it considering the large library you have access to.


If you are looking for a fresh app that is easy to use, then you should add Wattpad to your list. It is available both on Android and iOS and it is so facile to use that you will love it instantly. You can adjust the font size, you can set the colors, and you get access to some of the newest books that have been published.

The most amazing thing about it is that you can sync your lists of books with other devices too. But you can also share them with the community on Wattpad, which will surely help you discover some incredible books.

Kobo Books

Kobo Books is an app that has the same name as the E-reader and it comes with almost the same features. Only, you can use them on your phone and you do not need to carry the e-reader with you every time.

As is the case with all the previous apps for reading books on your phone, you have features such as selecting the font size and style, highlighting quotes, and sharing them with your friends. The best thing is that you have access to over 6 million books and there is also a night mode you can activate.

Final Thoughts

Reading is incredible as it helps you expand your knowledge and open your horizons. However, you do not want to carry those huge novels with you every time, so you can install some apps for reading books on your smartphone. They have nice features that help you enjoy your time reading, even though you are on the go.

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