Tips to Implement an Effective Morning Routine in College

This is how it usually goes when you’re a college student: your alarm clock goes off early in the morning and you feel like you hate the whole world. You try to hit that snooze button as many times as you possibly can but the reality is that you have to get up. If that’s your story, ensure to follow these simple tips to set a great morning routine in college.

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Sleep Well

Waking up and feeling ready to rock your classes is directly related to getting a good night’s sleep. The reality is that it is essential to get 7-8 hours of sleep at night to develop an effective morning routine. It is important to figure out what your perfect sleep quantity is. Ensure your room is free from noises, quiet, and dark. Keep in mind that the human body is programmed to have better rest without bright lights. That is why if your place is not dark enough, do your best to get rid of all the unnecessary lights.

Plan Out Your Morning the Night Before

When it comes to setting the best morning routine possible, the most crucial thing is what you actually do the night before. Before you fall asleep, take your time to plan what you’re going to do in the morning. Put down all the details about the paper that you have to submit. Pay attention to the group study sessions and gym workouts. Put the essay in your bag to ensure you hand it in on time. Consider the clothes you’re going to put on in the morning and write down the rest of the things that you have to cope with throughout the rest of the day. As you take all these steps, you will let your mind have some rest at night and make your morning less hectic and more productive.

Stay Hydrated

When you wake up, the first thing that you have to do is to drink some water. Just think about it this way – you spent nearly 8 hours without drinking! There’s no need to feed it with coffee or soda. Instead, get a glass of water to get your metabolism working. Don’t forget to drink water throughout the day as well. It is important to stay hydrated to help your brain function well and cope with all the assignments yourself instead of wondering, “Can someone write my essay for me?”

Get in Touch with Someone Dear to Your Heart

Starting your morning routine by calling someone you love and care about is a perfect way to get inspired and energized for the toughest day in college. Connect with your parents, friends, boyfriend or girlfriend, or any other person that can easily set a positive tone for the day by just being there for you. Even a quick morning conversation will help you wake up and make your day.

Choose a Healthy Breakfast

Your brain needs both rest and some fuel. If you’re among those who skip breakfast, it’s time to reconsider your morning habits. Make sure to give preference to healthy foods, such as eggs, salmon sandwiches, nuts, oatmeal, and fruit. Stay away from energy drinks and donuts – they won’t provide you with the healthy calories that your body needs to function

Reflect, Meditate, Relax

A lot of students report that taking up to 15 minutes early in the morning to reflect and meditate is a great opportunity to have a peaceful day. Just make sure to breathe in, breathe out, let all of your trouble go, relax, and concentrate on the positive sides of your life. As a result, you will get inspired and motivated to spend this day in the most productive way.

Don’t Use Your Phone as an Alarm Clock

Weird as it sounds, it is better to stop doing that. The reality is that most undergrads tend to hit snooze on their phones and continue to enjoy their dreams straight away. Or, as an alternative to rolling back over, they check their social media accounts to see what is new instead of getting up and ready for a new school day.

Make Your Bed ASAP

While your coffee is brewing or breakfast is preparing, ensure to make your bed. Don’t even try to crawl back to your favorite pillow. The point here is that the very act of you making your bed can help you get energized and productive for the day ahead. Besides, you won’t mess up the nice bed that you have just made, right?

Do Some Exercises

One of the best things you can do for your mind and body is do some mini-workout. It’s no doubt that we don’t always feel like exercising in the morning. However, it is recommended to force yourself to do a quick workout to get your blood flowing. There’s no need to exercise for 30 or 40 minutes. All you have to do is a short home workout that isn’t intense. If you make sure to do the same routine every morning, you will get used to starting your day with sports. In order to ensure you won’t waste your time deciding whether it should be cardio or yoga, have a weekly plan for your workouts. One of the best ways to set a workout routine is to choose a nice workout outfit for each sports session.

Your morning routine in college shouldn’t be a long ritual that takes 3 or 4 hours (something only TV show characters can do!). It is your time. Do exactly what make you feel inspired, active, productive, and most alive!

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