How to install the iPhone applications Mail, Notes, Stocks, Weather, and Maps on your iPod Touch

Update – May 1st 2008: The original method I outlined in this tutorial no longer works. But don’t worry, I’ve figured out a new one! What I’m getting at is that this tutorial has been completely re-written.

This tutorial will guide you through installing the iPhone apps Apple MobileMail, Apple Google Maps, Stocks, Weather and/or Notes on your iPod Touch. Note: this tutorial assumes you have a jailbroken iPod Touch using the 1.1.3 or 1.1.4 firmware, and are *cough* legally allowed to install these applications on your iPod Touch. …

How to add additional sources to Installer on your iPhone or iPod Touch

I suppose this goes without saying, but just in case – make sure you have a jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch. Without it, you won’t have Installer.app on your device. To add additional sources to Installer – which will give you a wider variety of software to install, follow the instructions outlined below. …

How to customize the music icons (buttons) on your iPhone or iPod Touch

One of the things I adore about Apple products are how intuitive they are. Most of the time. Once in a while I run into a bit of an exception, and this is one of them. This brief tutorial will show you how to customize the icons/buttons that are displayed while listening to music on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

the music buttons for the iphone and ipod touch

TV Shows and DRM-free music comes to the Canadian iTunes Store

Earlier today it became official – the Canadian iTunes Store will now sell TV shows. What seemed to get missed in this announcement was another ‘upgrade’ for Canadians – DRM free iTunes Plus tracks are finally available as well.

Totally unrelated note, you might have noticed the decrease in number of posts the last few days. I think a goal for 2008 should be to have a bunch of articles stocked away for those sick-weeks. Update: off to a bad, bad start.

Canadian iTunes Store

A step by step guide to installing 3rd party software on your iPod Touch

This guide will take you every single step of the way through making sure you have the right iPod software installed, “jailbreaking” your iPod Touch, and then installing 3rd party software on it.

  1. Check your iPod Touch Software Version
  2. Restore to Software Version 1.1.1 (if needed)
  3. Jailbreak your iPod Touch
  4. Installing Software on your iPod Touch

Note: The steps in this guide will be nearly identical if you want to jailbreak your iPhone, with the exception of the “Check your iPod Touch Software Version” and “Restore to Software Version 1.1.1”. The screenshots are specific to OS X, but Windows users should be able to follow along with no problem. …

10 Alternatives to iTunes for managing your iPod

This overview details the features (with screenshots) of 10 different programs other than iTunes to manage your iPod. Tutorials are included for every program, and they’re all either free or Open Source.

If you’ve been wondering why I’ve been writing so many “How to use XYZ to manage your iPod” tutorials lately, now you know why.

Name Supported Platforms
Amarok linux icon
Banshee linux icon
Floola apple iconwindows iconlinux icon
gtkpod linux icon
MediaMonkey windows icon
Rhythmbox linux icon
SharePod windows icon
Songbird apple iconwindows iconlinux icon
Winamp windows icon
YamiPod apple iconwindows iconlinux icon