How to use YamiPod to update your iPod in OS X or Windows

YamiPod is a freeware application that allows you to efficiently manage your iPod in Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. YamiPod is unique because it runs directly from your iPod and needs no installation. This allows you to update your iPod from any computer without installing any software. You can also use YamiPod to move files from your iPod back to your computer (or another computer). This tutorial will take you through the steps to setup and use YamiPod in OS X and Windows.

Note: if you’re wondering what’s with all the iPod posts, I’m working on a ‘larger’ article that will be something along the lines of “10 iTunes alternatives for iPod users”, and will reference each of these tutorials in it. That and I finally got my hands on an actual iPod (iShuffle, borrowed). …

How to use Songbird to manage your iPod

I have to say this up front – Songbird is still in “Developer Preview”, which according to the developers means it’s “an incremental release to our proof-of-concept”. I think that’s their way of saying the software is somewhere between Alpha and Beta, which is to say it’s not at all a ‘finished’ product. While using Songbird to sync my iPod I came across all sorts of problems, so I can’t warn you strongly enough to proceed at your own risk. There’s a very good chance that all of your songs will get wiped from your iPod, so if that’s not something you’re willing to risk, don’t proceed.

This tutorial will take you though the steps to use Songbird to sync the music on your computer to your iPod. …

Top 10 iTunes addons and plugins

As the title suggestions, the following is a list of my favorite iTunes addons/plugins. I hope that even a seasoned iTunes user will find one or two in here that they’ve never heard of/used before. And I should mention, they’re all free – and many are open source.

  1. Symphonic – locate and open songs faster than ever
  2. ScrobblePod – nice iScrobbler alternative
  3. iTuneMyWalkman – for non-iPod owners (mobile phone & other MP3 players)
  4. ByteController – menu bar controller w/ excellent skins
  5. iTunes Album Playlist Creator – self-explanatory
  6. GimmeSomeTune – all-in-wonder iTunes supercharger
  7. DockArt – replace the boring iTunes dock icon w/ album art
  8. iTunes-LAME – create higher quality MP3s w/ iTunes
  9. Visualizers: iVisualize and Magnetosphere – everyone loves a good visualizer
  10. iSpazz – must be seen to be believed

20 Free RSS Readers Reviewed

Now that almost everyone knows what RSS is, I figured I’d review a few of the ways you can read RSS feeds. With a heavy emphasis on cross-platform and/or open source, here are 20 (albeit somewhat brief) reviews of the free RSS readers available. Links to download, screenshots and system requirements are included with every review.

Name Type Supported Platforms
Alertbear client windows icon
Attensa for Outlook client windows icon
Blam client linux icon
BlogBridge client apple iconwindows iconlinux icon
Bloglines web apple iconwindows iconlinux icon
Firefox client apple iconwindows iconlinux icon
Google Reader web apple iconwindows iconlinux icon
Netvibes web apple iconwindows iconlinux icon
Newsgator Online (Ajax beta) web apple iconwindows iconlinux icon
QuickRSS client windows icon
Rojo web apple iconwindows iconlinux icon
RSS Bandit client windows icon
RSSOwl client apple iconwindows iconlinux icon
Sage client apple iconwindows iconlinux icon
Shrook client apple icon
Straw client apple icon
ThinFeeder client apple iconwindows iconlinux icon
Thunderbird 2.0 client apple iconwindows iconlinux icon
Vienna client apple icon
Vista Media Center RSS Reader client windows icon