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How to add additional sources to Installer on your iPhone or iPod Touch

I suppose this goes without saying, but just in case – make sure you have a jailbroken iPhone or iPod Touch. Without it, you won’t have on your device. To add additional sources to Installer – which will give you a wider variety of software to install, follow the instructions outlined below. …

How to customize the music icons (buttons) on your iPhone or iPod Touch

One of the things I adore about Apple products are how intuitive they are. Most of the time. Once in a while I run into a bit of an exception, and this is one of them. This brief tutorial will show you how to customize the icons/buttons that are displayed while listening to music on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

the music buttons for the iphone and ipod touch

How to use your Windows Mobile device much more efficiently

Another possible name for this post could be “SmartToolkit review with a tour of its features and lots of screenshots”, because that’s essentially what it is. Though I’ve only had a Smartphone for about a month and a half now, SmartToolkit is by far the best piece of (free) software I’ve found for Windows Mobile devices.

smarttoolkit for windows mobile

Handago Free App Friday

Handango is giving away one (1) high quality, fully-functioning mobile software application for FREE on Fridays. The free app is available from 12 a.m. to 12 p.m. CST on Friday only. Just visit for details. You do have to complete a short survey, but it’s not too painful. Handango will then send you an email with a link so you can download your free app.

The first “free app” is mundu IM for Smartphone, which lets you use MSN, Yahoo!, ICQ, AOL, Jabber, and Google Talk all in the same window (like Adium for OS X or Trillian for Windows).

Windows Mobile 6 upgrade available for Rogers HTC S621 owners

Thanks very much to Simplehelp reader Albert Karp for letting me know that Rogers has recently (last week?) provided a free upgrade from Windows Mobile 5 to Windows Mobile 6 via The upgrade is only for the HTC S621. It would have been nice to hear about this from Rogers – there was certainly no mention of it in my last bill.

Upgrade instructions are provided along with all of the required files. I’ll let you know how my update goes after I’m done charging the phone.

How to app unlock your HTC S621 Windows Mobile Smartphone

This tutorial will guide you in “app unlocking” your HTC S621. I was hoping to create something like ‘how to app unlock a windows mobile smartphone’, but after spending hours and hours trying to unlock my phone, I’ve discovered there are possibly hundreds of different ways – no two are the same, and not all will work for all phones. I can only confirm that the following method works for Rogers (a Canadian mobile provider) customers using the HTC S621. It may work for other Smartphones as well.

App unlocking will allow you to install “unsigned” 3rd party software. If you’ve ever received the error “Installation was unsuccessful. The program or setting cannot be installed because it is not digitally signed with a trusted certificate”, this tutorial is for you.

installation was unsuccessful the program or setting cannot be installed because it is not digitally signed with a trusted certificate