Simplehelp Updates

As you may have noticed, Simplehelp has been ‘down’ much more often lately than I’d like. It all relates to my previous host disabling me, moving to a new host, being on the front page of digg when the (new) server wasn’t ready for it, and the lack of a wp-cache plugin. Anyway – that’s all fixed now (in theory). This post has an actual intent too – to push the changes made by the Full Text Feed plugin live (after WP 2.1 feeds are cut off if you use the <!–more–> tag, which is annoying if you want to allow RSS subscribers to read the full text of your post, which I do).

Invites Galore

Update: out of Spock invites, I’ll update when I have more.

Just a quick note – if you’d like an invite to Moola, Pownce or Spock, please leave a comment below. Just tell me which one you want an invite to, and use a valid email address in the comment form. Cheers!

An introduction to Yahoo Pipes

Yahoo describes Pipes as “an interactive data aggregator and manipulator that lets you mashup your favorite online data sources”. Alright, but what does that mean to the rest of us? Yahoo Pipes uses an easy-to-understand visual editor that allows you to (among other things) take multiple RSS feeds, combine and filter them, and then output all of that information to one RSS feed.

This tutorial will take you through the steps to filter the content of one RSS feed (Techmeme) so that content you may have already read isn’t included in your Techmeme feed. …

How to reclaim your name online

Have you Googled your name lately? Not entirely happy with the results? This review/overview/tutorial will help you change how you’re represented online.

There are a lot of reasons you may want to alter what comes up when people search for your name. Most likely, you’re about to enter the workforce and you don’t need recruiters and/or an HR rep. looking at your drunken antics on MySpace. The following tips and free-services can help change those Google search results to something you’re a little more proud of.

  1. Ziki
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Naymz
  4. Damage Control

I think the move was almost successful

I think the move from a shared host (Dreamhost) to a dedicated host (The Planet) has worked. There are a few issues that I know of, and I don’t *think* they’ll make a difference in the use of the site. If you could take a moment and surf around a bit to see if you can find anything that’s broken, I’d be very appreciative!!



Simplehelp Contest Winner!

And the winner is…. Nancy Biggs! I’ve emailed Nancy and the folks @ Answers That Work to arrange for her free copy of The Ultimate Troubleshooter.

The winner was selected at random (by me asking the stranger sitting next to me in the coffee shop that I’m writing this post from to pick a number between 1 and 7 – the # of people that participated).

Simplehelp Contest! Win a free registered copy of The Ultimate Troubleshooter

The folks over at Answers That Work have offered one lucky Simplehelp reader a registered copy of The Ultimate Troubleshooter. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post. That’s it. Make sure when leaving a comment to put a working email address in the Mail (required) field (so I can forward your contact info to Answers That Work for you to claim your prize). At the end of the week (Friday, June 15th, 2007) I’ll pick a random commenter as the winner. Good luck!

How to Get a Call Center Promotion (Tech Support)

Perhaps you work in a call center and you’re deathly tired of taking calls. Or maybe you’re thinking about switching careers but don’t want to go back to school. In the following article I’ll share some of my background, how I’ve earned call center promotions, and some what I’ve observed over the last 10 years in various customer service/support positions. …