Simplehelp Update: Requesting your feedback!

Hi all – I promise to keep this brief’ish :)

If you could take a minute or three out of your busy lives and help me out a bit, (no I don’t want your money!!!), I would be very appreciative.

1. What type of tutorials/documentation would you like to see more of on the site? Is there something computer related that you really had a hard time figuring out, and wished there was a tutorial explaining it step by step?

2. Do you prefer screencasts, or tutorials with screenshots? Or both? I’ve yet to do a screencast, but I’m very tempted. Coming from a support background, I’ve always found watching something from point A to point B isn’t always the easiest way to find the info you’re looking for. But that’s just me, and I don’t want this bias to hinder your usage/appreciation of the site.

3. Any type of constructive criticism you can offer up would be appreciated.

Please feel free to leave a comment below, or contact me directly at

How to get your ISP to pay attention to your problem(s)

First, a bit of background – which you can skip entirely – I’ve only included it to help to assure you that I (in this case) actually do know what I’m talking about.

I’ve held almost a dozen different positions for 3 different Internet Service Providers over the course of my career (lots of promotions – which I always found amusing because I’m a high-school dropout), all within various Customer Care departments. I started out doing actual phone support (when ISDN was considered broadband) and ended out as a corporate Manager for an unnamed (vindictive-tastic) broadband ISP. I can’t cite specific names or company names for this article due to various non-disclosure agreements, and though I don’t think anything below reveals private business practices, I’d rather play it safe (see previous vindictive comment). As a manager I was forced into more Public Relations, Marketing and emergency “we need to fix this fast” meetings than I care to remember. Here’s what I’ve learned – …

How to get promoted (Call Center/Tech Support version)

Perhaps you work in a call center and you’re deathly tired of taking calls. Or maybe you’re thinking about switching careers but don’t want to go back to school. In the following article I’ll share some of my background, how I’ve earned promotions, and some what I’ve observed over the last 10 years in various customer service/support positions. …

How to be polite while you're online (practicing good netiquette)

“Netiquette” is slang for “Internet etiquette”. It refers to the accepted behaviors and practices regarding interactive online activity such as discussion forums, chat rooms, and e-mail. Your adherence to these guidelines will help make the online community in which you are participating easier and more enjoyable for everyone to use. …