How to set up Evolution for email

This tutorial will guide you in setting up Evolution 2.1.x (the version included in Ubuntu 7.04 – known as “Feisty Fawn”) for the first time. Though the screenshots are from Ubuntu, the steps are virtually identical if you’re using another version of Linux.

  1. When Evolution launches for the first time, the Setup Assistant will start. Click Forward to continue.
  2. evolution email client for linux
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  3. On the Identity tab, enter the required information in each of the appropriate fields. The Organization field is not mandatory. Click Forward when you’re ready to continue.
  4. evolution email client for linux
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  5. This example will assume that you have a POP mail server. Most broadband (and dial-up) Internet Service Providers in North America provide their customers with POP mail. Enter the “incoming” mail server name in the Server: section, and your user name in the Username: section.

    If you’re not sure of these settings, I’ve compiled a list of email settings for some of the larger North American broadband providers. If I didn’t list your ISP, contact them to find out these settings (tip: most ISP’s will have this information in a fairly obvious place in the Help section of their web site)

    If you don’t want to enter your password each time you check your mail, place a check in the box labeled Remember password. When you’re done, click Forward.

  6. evolution email client for linux
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  7. Place a check in the Automatically check for mail every __ minutes box (if you want) and review the other options. Click Forward
  8. evolution email client for linux
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  9. On the Sending Email page, select the Server Type: that your ISP uses (again, you can refer to this page, or check with your ISP). Enter the appropriate Server: and settings. Most, but not all, outgoing mail servers now require authentication. When you’ve entered all of the information specific to your ISP, click Forward.
  10. evolution email client for linux
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  11. And now give this email account a Name: so that you can easily identify it (in case you create additional email profiles in Evolution). Click Forward.
  12. evolution email client for linux
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  13. Choose your Time Zone and again, click Forward.
  14. evolution email client for linux
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  15. That’s it, you’re done! Click Apply.
  16. evolution email client for linux
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  17. In all likelihood you’ll be prompted to enter your password as Evolution checks to see if you have new mail (for the first time). Enter it and click OK.
  18. evolution email client for linux

  19. And if all goes well, you’ll be presented with your (new) email. There will also be an “introduction” email from the Evolution developers that offers some tips on getting started using Evolution.
  20. evolution email client for linux
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  21. To test out sending email by sending one to yourself. Click the New button and select Mail Message. Enter your own email address in the To: field, and whatever you want in the subject field. Click Send.
  22. evolution email client for linux
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  23. You’ll be taken back to the main Evolution window. Now click the Send/Receive button to actually send your test message.
  24. evolution email client for linux
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  25. The Send & Receive Mail window will appear.
  26. evolution email client for linux
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  27. And you’ll (probably) be prompted to enter your password again.
  28. evolution email client for linux

  29. You may need to click Send/Receive again to get the test email.
  30. evolution email client for linux
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  31. So now you can send and receive email. If you need any help with attachments, filtering spam etc – the Help menu actually provides very useful and straight forward instructions.

34 thoughts on “How to set up Evolution for email”

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  2. I have 10.4 ubunto with evoution. I can’t get evolution to complete the address line from the address book – also when I try to forward mail the system slows down (a lot) then locks up when I eventually return to the inbox. Also, I can’t make a group email list (when I click to drag an address into the box it simply vanishes as soon as I try to move an address). I’m at a loss to figure out what I’m doing wrong!

  3. I have Linux/Ubuntu and had Evolution as my e-mail. I had to have a new modem installed for my internet service and now I have lost all of my e-mail (contacts and everything) so when I try to send/receive, I get an error message that says something about my server, as if Evolution no longer recognizes my old wireless connection?? Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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  5. I need helping setting up Evolution in Ubuntu to pickup email from my Corporate Exchange 2010. I gotten to the level where it authenticate and it comes back saying that it can only support Exchange 5.5. I am using Ubuntu 10.10 and its default Evolution client in that package.

  6. Evolution Setup E-Mail Assistant.

    Dieser Assistant startet nur beim ersten mal.

    Wie kann man diesen Assistanten erneut starten weil beim ersten Einrichten Fehler aufgetreten sind?

    MfG Bogo

  7. Adarsh
    Thanks for your help. I had already arrived at that solution and used it successfully. However that does not seem to me to be the right way to make the entry it should be a key on the keyboard.
    Tony Balch

  8. Hi Tony,
    Your missing character can be found in the Ubuntu Character Map. Go to Applications-> Accessories-> Character Map. On the left hand side, where it says Script, go to Common. You should find the character there. Just copy it, and use it wherever you want to.
    Hope this helps.

  9. I am using 9.04 Ubuntu (wubi) and trying to configure Evolution.
    For some reason I am unable to find the @ sign on my keyboard and cannot therefore enter my email address. The normal Shift 2 does not work.
    Are you able to tell me how to solve this problem
    Tony Balch

  10. I’m too new to Ubuntu. I use the current version of Ubuntu. But I do not use an ISP, I’m using a Wi-Fi signal I’m picking up from somewhere. How do I set up Evolution Mail with out a ISP? Right now I use my Yahoo account for alle-mail.

  11. ok i have an issue , i set up my evo mail correctly . im using live mail btw, i cannot send an email the connection always times out . i have set up a gmail acocutn on evo mail and get the same time out but i can recive all day long please send an email to

  12. I’m using Evolution email, I can send and receive email, only sometime that it has problem when sending email with attached files. Can you help?


  13. I set up my evolution email just like your example and I can receive email but not send. This is what it says when i try to send. Unable to authenicate to SMTP server. Bad authentication response from server. Please enter the SMTP passoword for kclark on host I enter my password and the same message appears. Can you help??????????

  14. Dave,
    I’m not the moderator here, but I know what you need to do.
    Go to “preferences”, then find “receiving options”, then click the box that says “leave messages on server” under the Message storage options.
    Hope that helps.

  15. Hello,

    I have Evolution up and running on my linux box. When I clicked “send and receive” in Evolution, it forwarded all the email in my inbox in Verizon Yahoo! to Evolution. Now, that mail is only visible in Evolution not on my verizon account or web page. Did I set up something incorrectly? I have never used anything like Evolution (or Outlook) before. Is this supposed to happen? I would like to keep the email visible in both if possible.
    Thanks for your time.

  16. I set up my evolution email just like your example and I can receive email but not send. This is what it says when i try to send. Unable to authenicate to SMTP server. Bad authentication response from server. Please enter the SMTP passoword on host I enter my password and the same message appears. Can you help??????????

  17. How do I get back to the setup for evolution email to change some settings? I do not want to enter my password everytime but do not know how to get back to the setup. HELP!!!!!!

  18. I am trying to send emals and a box keeps popping up asking for my password. When I enter my password, it says it is not the correct one. What do I do now?

  19. How can I send emails using Evolution without incoming ones being automatically downloaded at the same time?

  20. Obá! Ainda bem que tem esses tutoriais que sanam as dúvidas mais frequentes para nós.
    Migrei de forma definitiva para o ‘SO’ LINUX. Sem arrependimentos!
    Estou me sentindo como se fosse à época dos meus primeiros contatos com ‘PC’ (há 12 anos).
    Instalei o Ubuntu 8.10 (maravilhoso)

  21. hi please assist me i’ve just loaded evolution and i’m using ubuntu, i have a problem i can only receive e-mails but i can’t send it gives me operation failed when trying to send error. I’m using exchange server and it does not give me the option to configure the sending server please advise me what am i doing wrong. I followed all the steps and still not sending any e-mails.

    thank you

  22. Hi. I’ve got Evolution up and running with no problems. for me…
    Now the wife, that’s a differant story. she use’s her desktop machine in her office for working at home, and has a laptop that she wanders the house with. I had eudora set up to use a data folder on a shared network drive. Both machnes used drive M for mail. is there any where in Evolution to specify where the mail and other data is stored??

    Thanks in advance

  23. Richard McKean

    I’m new to Linux and I’m trying to setup Evolution in Ubuntu to use for my wifes Juno account. I’m receiving mail fine but getting an error [Could not connect to No route to host] when trying to send. She does have a premium account. Any suggestions would be appreciated. is listed on the Juno web page as the proper entry for the smtp server. Thanks, Richard

  24. Hello,

    I had a question regarding I’m trying to set up Evolution to send/receive mail from that account. It appears that POP and SMTP are both going through thats the server I used in preferences. At this moment I can download the mail from the server, but when it comes to sending saved messages the operation times out with a message:

    “Error while performing operation.
    Could not connect to Connection timed out”

    Once again all the setup guides for other desktop email programs required the same in both POP and SMTP fields, furthermore most had an option of using port #25, which I can’t choose since there isn’t any such prompts with Evolution program. Please, any ideas?

  25. Its quite confusing which password should i enter as it doesnt ask for password while installing…. I am using ubuntu 7.10


  26. When evolution asks for a password which password should i enter…as evolution while setting up doesnt prompt for any password and when clicking the send and receive button it asks for a password so which password should i enter

  27. @Ned:

    Sorry I was out of town for a few days (hence the delay in my response). For email you need to have a “Premium” account in order to use it in Evolution (or any email client that supports POP mail – like Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Evolution etc). I’m guessing you don’t have a premium account? If you DO have a premium account, you can find all the settings you’d need here: is the same thing – if you want to access your fishhoo mail in Evolution, you’ll need a ‘paid’ account (“Mail Plus Total Protection” or “Mail Plus Total Protection”). If you DO have a paid fishhoo account, the only way to get the settings (as far as I can tell) would be in the email that they send you when you sign up for the service.

    Hope this helps!


  28. Simplehelp,
    OK, I’m new to UBUNTU (installed 7.04), I’m trying to set up the EVOLUTION e-mail thingy and I’m on your ‘set-up-evolution page. I am on the web via a wireless connection and I have two email accounts; one with, the other with neither was on your list of email settings. I went to both sites (fishhoo and bigstring) but could not find anything that looked like the required information. I feel like I am missing something quite simple. Help. Thanks.

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