Ross McKillop

Tips to Implement an Effective Morning Routine in College

This is how it usually goes when you’re a college student: your alarm clock goes off early in the morning and you feel like you hate the whole world. You try to hit that snooze button as many times as you possibly can but the reality is that you have to get up. If that’s your story, ensure to follow these simple tips to set a great morning routine in college. …

iOS vs. Android: Which Operating System is More Suitable for Educational Purposes?

The smartphone allows developers to explore avenues they would never have considered before, leading to rapid educational technology advancements. The smartphone’s OS allows for its functionality. iOS and Android are the two most popular mobile OSes currently available. The educational benefits of each OS are distinct.

How Can Freelancers Get Loans?

When attempting to obtain finance for their own businesses, independent contractors may run into a number of difficulties. Lenders may be less inclined to grant credit if there is inconsistent revenue or no guarantee of a regular payment as a W-2 wage provides. Lenders may therefore need more supporting paperwork to assess the ability of sole proprietors or other self-employed individuals to fulfill their payments as a result. …