How to use FTP from within Firefox

This tutorial will guide you in setting up and using FireFTP – a free, secure, cross-platform FTP client for Mozilla Firefox.

To get started, download and install FireFTP. The installation is the same as any other Firefox addon (plugin) and will require that you restart Firefox before it will work. After you’ve restarted Firefox…

  1. Launch FireFTP by selecting Tools -> FireFTP.
  2. fireftp a firefox ftp client

  3. It will open in a new Firefox tab. To add an FTP site to FireFTP, select the Create an account drop-down.
  4. fireftp a firefox ftp client
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  5. On the Main tab enter the appropriate info in the provided fields.
  6. fireftp a firefox ftp client
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  7. Select the Connection tab and review some of the additional settings. If you want FireFTP to open a local folder (a folder on your hard drive) each time a specific site is opened, enter the path to that folder in the Local: field. If you want to open a specific folder on the remote FTP site, enter the path to that folder in the Remote: field. When you’re done, click OK.
  8. fireftp a firefox ftp client
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  9. To connect to the site you just added to FireFTP, click the Connect button.
  10. fireftp a firefox ftp client
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  11. And now you’ll sign in to the FTP site.
  12. fireftp a firefox ftp client
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  13. To upload a file or folder (or multiple files and folders), select them from the list of files on your hard drive, and click the upload button.
  14. fireftp a firefox ftp client
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  15. When the upload is complete, the files and folders will now appear on your remote FTP site.
  16. fireftp a firefox ftp client
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  17. To review some of the FireFTP settings, select Tools -> Options from within FireFTP.
  18. fireftp a firefox ftp client

  19. On the General tab you can change some of – you guessed it – the general settings.
  20. fireftp a firefox ftp client
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  21. The Interface tab allows you to change some of the layout related settings (how FireFTP opens, setting FireFTP as the default FTP client for sites accessed via Firefox etc).
  22. fireftp a firefox ftp client
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  23. You can also add a FireFTP to your Navigation Toolbar. Right-click anywhere in the Toolbar and select Customize….
  24. fireftp a firefox ftp client

  25. Drag the FireFTP icon to your Navigation Toolbar.
  26. fireftp a firefox ftp client
    click to enlarge

  27. And now you’ll have one-click access to FireFTP from within Firefox.
  28. fireftp a firefox ftp client

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  • Rahul Rajput

    I tried using the ftp as per the instructions. But it does not connect. It shows password is blank. Tried changing the password and created other logins as well. But no help. It does not recognize the password. It shows password blank and gives error.

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  • I am new to using FTP and web design, but I intend to start learning since I have been charged with the job. I am a retired Environmental Laboratory manager from Texas who now lives in Costa Rica. Together with some indigenous native friends, I am attempting to build a website for a foundation that we have created here (the Fundacion Universidad Indigena Bribri Cabecar – Cedula Juridica # 3-006-269804).

    I have purchased a website and a web hosting service. I have a user name and password to access the server using the Firefox FTP. That’s about as far as I’ve gotten. I need to construct a site (using HTML I suppose, or some other page design software) … I have a very limited budget right now … does anyone have any suggestions where I should go next (free software downloads would be great).

    Thank you.

  • I have been having a problem connecting to the server. It indicates that my password is not showing. I don’t know how to make this work. I had Hostgator set up the Word Press so that it would be right and there is still a problem.
    What is the answer? Can anyone help?

    Thank you.

  • paul

    Dear Thomas Phillips,
    You can use Kompozer to create a webpage on your local computer.

    Fire FTP is a great program to uload the files to the server. It works within Firefox, so there is no need to open a new program. You can swich tab between the local view of your web page, the FTP view of your files and the online view of the webpage, that’s great.

  • Tsu

    Thanks a lot! I’ve been having FTP problems lately, I’ve tried 3 separate FTP clients but none of them could connect to my server. Fire FTP works great though.

  • Cool tutorial, thanks man, i needed that, hey please do visit my website

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  • fry

    i need help i have done everything on here, yet it says “530 Login authentication failed” how can this be?

  • I am working on my webpage, using iWeb but with FireFTP. I am trying to update my webpage as I have added new content. But when I go to my host to download what I consider new content, I have to delete all that is within FireFTP and re-load everything. And once I do that the old webpage is there, but without any of the new content added. Is there an easier way to update your page without having to reload everything? I’m having a hard time with this.

    Thank you.

  • thanks

  • bitsonhj

    hi i can’t download files.can u tell me how to login and so on…………..thanks

  • transferred files are corrupted and cannot be opened at the other end

    3d file formats stl and obj also zip files corrupted and will not open

    tried ascii and auto also any ideas this happened lat time firefox updated then it settled down any fixes ?

  • marcus

    You should also mention that people have to open port 21 on their firewall.

  • KEM

    The support documentation for FireFTP mentions thumbnails. I can’t find it. I’d like to be able to view thumbnails at least on my local drive when FireFTP is open.

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  • Crystal

    I keep trying to use FireFTP and it crashes before I can upload anything. Can anyone offer any suggestions?

  • Thanks a lot dear, your post was really beneficial for me. In fact i was trying to run Fire FTP from past 3 days.

  • Wow, very good tutorial, keep on posting good quality stuff

  • Jahan

    Whenever i start to upload any video it gives the following error

    550 sea waves (1).MOV: Forbidden command argument
    : /sea waves(1).MOV

  • This isn’t too intuitive piece of software.

    I haven’t yet found how to delete files you transfer by axident. I’d like to just hit command + backspace or delete in PCs. I know this sounds kind of stupid, but small things like this make valuable pieces of software.

  • wow man.. you saved me so much time..!! :)
    10x a lot for this great guide

  • Ciao il mio sito si visualizza con firefox ma non con explorer: perchè? Ciao grazie

  • installed fine and uploaded new details and info to my web but the web page doesn’t change at all – Please help.

  • DeadLy

    I kept getting unable to make a connection. Please try again.
    Kindly advise.

  • ¥ø¨ππˆ

    Dear daedana,
    The way to find out answers is usually to experiment. If only you had tried to right-click on the file on the server. If you had you might have seen the option ‘Delete’ possibly with a shortcut next to it. Amazing how most programs work with dropdown menus when you right-click.

  • Fred Jackson

    I have pictures that I want to upload as thumbnails, how do I do that with my server on FireFTP?

  • bomdia boatarde boanoite eu estou com muitas duvidas como eu faso pra fusionar o fireftp eu ñ emtemdo nele pede um nome de conta ñ sei pede servidor login é senha eu ñ emtendo vc pode mmi esplica pofavor pow deus eu estou nesesitadode uma grande ajuda pq eu estou querendo colocar uma novs imagem de logim e senha no meu servidor pofavor vcs pode mim ajudar pofavor ac: leonardo da ifotec INFORMATICA digital linki

  • Crystal

    Thanks so much! I didn’t know about FireFTP. Filezilla keeps allowing viruses to get on my computer so I was searching for another FTP method. :)

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  • Ben

    How do you transfer picture thumbnails? I know it’s possible…

  • Brad

    I can no longer see the remote server. How do I get it back?

  • FTPS doesn’t work anymore since upgrading to FireFox4;

  • Annette

    I need help! I have been using my firefox ftp, but all of a sudden when I right-click on a file that is already uploaded the drop down menu does not show up. Meaning, I don’t have the option of “Open with” when I right-click. This is getting very annoying, I have been looking for a solution but I can’t seem to find one. Also, whenever I go to the fireftp support non of the links open up, I don’t know if this is due to some change in preferences.
    Please if you have any suggestions I am willing to try them out. Thanks!

  • Ftp is working good, thanks this article helped me alot! right click and everything on firefox!

  • Ricky

    Gud 1, Much easier than a software

  • JohnRMcMillan

    There seems to be an error in the instructions. You need to load FireFTP from Tools > WEB DEVELOPER.


    i tried other ftp’s filezilla smart etc.including this fireftp but, i never was able to connect to any even after googling out many diffrent instuctions fr both youtube & google, on how to connect. I even tweaked several internal applications within the admin. area etc. Help! Thanks GOD BLESS.

  • Vania Rebeca Olmos Lau

    hello, i was using Firefox FTP to upload files to my website, it was all going fine until my website stopped showing the changes i made on Firefox FTP, i even tried deleting entire folders, and refreshing my browser and no change was reflected, any help?

  • UgochukwuEmmanuelAgbams

    Am very much greatfull for this tutorial. i have been looking for a way out till i landed myself here. you realy did justice to this case. thanks a lot.

  • M

    Thank you. I very much appreciate the help. May good things come your way….

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  • Greg Rice

    Does FireFTP still work?
    IN latest FF 51.0.1 ? Is FireFTP still needed in FF?
    – Can I use FF for direct FTP connection with ftp address in browser address bar?
    old “accounts” won’t delete from FireFTP and removing and re-downloading don’t repair or change it.

  • Jim Radogna

    Whenever I try to access my website on Firefox, FireFTP opens instead. This doesn’t occur on any other browsers. This is a new problem that only started occurring recently. Thanks.