How to send and share files using uTorrent

uTorrent is one of the most popular free BitTorrent clients today. It’s widely used because it has a huge set of features, is stable, and doesn’t take up a lot of your computer’s resources. Among the many features of uTorrent is the ability to send files to your friends very easily. This guide will show you how to use uTorrent to send and/or share files with your friends.

  1. If you don’t already have uTorrent installed, head over to their download page, download and install it.
  2. Start uTorrent and from the menu bar access the Preferences menu by clicking Options -> Preferences.
  3. In the Preferences window, navigate to Connection and give a port value between 10,000 and 40,000 (but without a comma).

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  5. Go to the Advanced section of the preferences by clicking in the left pane of the same window and scroll down until you find bt.enable_tracker. Set this to true and close the Preferences window by clicking OK.

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  7. Go to the menu bar and click on File -> Create New Torrent…
  8. A Create New Torrent window will open. Select the files you want to send by clicking the Add File button. If you want to send entire directories, then click Add directory.
  9. Now you’ll need to enter a pretty specific line in the Trackers: field.

    It starts with http:// and is the followed by your IP address. To determine what your IP address is, visit this page. Copy the number displayed from that page directly behind the http://

    So far the line should look something like this:

    Directly after your IP address, enter a colon ( : ). Then enter the port number that you specified in the Preferences (back in step #3). Now the line should look something like:

    Finally, add a slash ( / ) and the ‘name’ for your torrent. The name doesn’t matter – making it something descriptive is a good idea. So your Tracker: line should now look something like…

  10. Check the Start seeding checkbox to start sending the file.
  11. Now click Create and save as to save the torrent on your hard disk.
  12. Now you’ve created your torrent, it’s seeding, and ready to be downloaded. Send the .torrent file you created to your friend(s) and when they load it into their bittorrent client (doesn’t have to be uTorrent), the file transfer will begin you and your friend(s) directly without any middle man.

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6 thoughts on “How to send and share files using uTorrent”

  1. I was able to create a .torrent file and started seeding a directory of files on my computer. However, I mistakenly removed the item from utorrent. How I don’t know how I can re-seed without doing through the same steps and re-create a .torrent file. Anyone can tell me how to re-submit the .torrent file I created to initiate seeding of files? Thanks.

  2. Jason – yes, the click-through from RSS by switching to partial feeds wasn’t high enough to justify “annoying” regular RSS readers by going summary only (vs. full feed). It did increase don’t get me wrong, but several of you awesome regular readers complained about it, and I’d rather keep the “regulars” happy.

  3. Worth checking “private torrent” if you don’t want information spread through DHT.

    Also in torrent properties (when it is added and seeding already) there is “initial seeding” option that optimizes upload for cases of only one seed. It won’t matter if only one person is downloading as well, but is better to turn on if there are multiple peers.

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