How to Monitor and Track User History in Windows 7

This tutorial will show you how to monitor the usage of the various user accounts on your Windows 7 PC.

Since communal computers are often used and accessed by many different people, it can be helpful to know which users logged in and how much time they used the computer. Here’s how –

  1. Start the Task Scheduler in Windows 7. This can be done by clicking the Start Menu and in All Programs under the Accessories category clicking on System Tools.
  2. the Task Scheduler in the list of Windows 7 Apps

  3. Once started, click on the Create Task link which will open a new Task window.
  4. Creating a new task in the Task Scheduler
    click to enlarge

  5. Enter the Task name as Up Time and place a check in the box labelled Run with the highest Privileges. Also select from the drop down list of Configure From and select Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2.
  6. an arrow pointing to Up Time and Run with the highest Privileges in the Windows Task Scheduler
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  7. In the Triggers tab, click the New button.
  8. an arrow pointing at a button titled New
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  9. In the New Trigger Window, select On a Schedule from the drop down list and select the Daily radio button from the settings section and select the task to Recur Every 1 day. Also, check the checkbox in the Advanced Settings which says Repeat Task Every and select 5 Minutes from the drop down list.
  10. the New Trigger window to configure monitor Windows 7 user accounts
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  11. Next specify the action which we want to start once the Task has triggered. Go to the Actions tab and click on New button.
  12. the Actions tab of the Task Scheduler used to monitor one or more user accounts in Windows 7
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  13. Enter cmd in the Program/Script box. Enter the following arguments in the arguments box:

    /c echo %username%,%time%,%date% >> UpTime.csv

    In the Start In box, enter:


  14. the New Action window for the Task Scheduler in Windows 7

  15. That’s it, click OK and you’re done.
  16. In order to view the usage history of different users logged in to your PC, all you have to do is initiate the Run command from the Start menu and type the following:

    notepad c:\windows\Uptime.csv

    This will allow you to monitor the usage history of the user accounts logged on to your Windows 7 PC.

  17. a list of user account sign in times to monitor on Windows 7

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