How to use the Track Changes feature in Word 2010

One of the great features of Microsoft Word is that you can track all of the changes made while writing/editing a document. This feature is very useful in cases when multiple people have to edit the document. Everyone can see how content has been edited and formatted to that point, making it much easier to finalize a project etc. This guide explains how to track document changes in Microsoft Word 2010.

  1. Launch Microsoft Word 2010 and open a document that you want to keep track of the changes in.
  2. In the ribbon, navigate to the Review tab, and from the Track Changes drop-down, click Change Tracking Options….
  3. A new options menu will now open and will have many options regarding the changes you want to track while editing the document. The list is quite detailed with options ranging from even the smallest changes like character replacements to entire formatting changes. Select the options which you want to track and click OK.
  4. This time in the Review section on the ribbon from in the Track Changes drop-down, select the Show Markup drop-down menu. Enable the options and set the preferences according to your needs.

    For example, if you want to view changes regarding the insertion or deletion of content, then disable all of the options except Insertions and Deletions.

  5. On the Review tab, click the Track Changes button to make MS Word 2010 start tracking the changes.
  6. Now any changes you (or others) make will be highlighted.

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  8. To see the original version of the document, click on the Original option in the Track Changes drop-down menu. This option will remove the changes you (or others) made and will show you the original document.

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    You can track all of the changes across a document with this feature and is a great help if you want to see what exactly which changes have been made to a specific document.

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  1. I have different preferences on my two computers. How do I change the basic style to make it consistent with every document?

  2. I made all necessary Track Changes in a Word 2010 document; however when I emailed the edited document to several reviewers, none of the Track Changes were visible. What did I do wrong.

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